Omega-3 Extractions Will Keep Big, Bad GMOs Out Of Your Diet

shutterstock_194159777If you’re paying attention to what you eat, then you probably already know that avoiding GMO foods is harder than ever. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are a real threat to you and your family with every bite you take.

Even if you make conscious health decisions to avoid GMOs, most supplements are now riddled with genetically modified organisms. Popular supplements, like omega-3s essential to brain and body health, could be contaminated. Besides carefully reading ingredient labels to avoid GMO foods, you must also choose supplements wisely to protect your health.

Fortunately, new omega-3 extraction processes have been developed, derived from plant-based substrates to eliminate harmful GMO contaminants and improve supplement efficacy. Omega-3 supplements are vital to health and longevity; omega-3s may offer relief for arthritis, bipolar disorder, depression, asthma, ADHD, and autism, in some cases. Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA are considered essential fatty acids since they are not produced by the body. Powerful, protective omega-3s must come from food or supplements in order to lower cholesterol, balance blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, calm joint pain, and even lessen wrinkles.

This brings us back to the problem at hand. Taking a GMO omega-3 supplement or eating omega-3-rich GMO foods is essentially shooting yourself in the foot. A genetically modified organism has had its DNA modified through the process of genetic engineering. Scientists have been working hard to advance GMO development for agricultural crops. Tomatoes have been engineered frost-resistant to improve profit; up to 90% of cotton, canola, soy, corn, and sugar beet crops in the U.S. are genetically engineered.

So, GMO foods and supplements are commonplace. What does this have to do with your health? According to author Jeffrey M. Smith of Seeds of Deception, the answer, in a nutshell, is everything:

Genetic engineers continually encounter unintended side effects—plants create toxins, react to weather differently, contain too much or too little nutrients, become diseased or malfunction and die.

In 1989, first dozens, then thousands fell sick. About one hundred people died, others struggled with paralysis, unbearable pain, and debilitating symptoms. Authorities eventually tracked its cause: contaminants produced in one company’s genetically modified variety of the food supplement L-tryptophan.

It’s frightening to think that a small genetic modification in a food supplement like L-tryptophan could cause a public health epidemic. It’s even more frightening to think that you or someone you love could suffer from irreversible health issues or even death because of the food that you eat.

According to Source-Omega, LLC, which grew out of the scientific research of lipid biochemist Dr. Doughman, omega-3 processing makes all the difference in avoiding GMO contamination:

If you cold press seeds,you get pure oil. If you water extract algae that makes omega 3, you get pure oil. That’s what it really comes down to. No one else is doing that. PureOne is 100% algae oil. The reason our product is so refined, concentrated and mild, is because of our refinement process. It’s just water, so because oil floats when mixed with water, we’re able to extract the oil straight from the algae. This is guaranteeing that it is ultra-pure and ultra-concentrated.

We can ensure our product is GMO free because we have done a PCR-DNA analysis, so we know how to innovate and guarantee purity of the product and its sourcing. So that gives people comfort that it is the best they can get, the highest quality, and free of anything but what you want, which is a pure vegetable oil. It’s the first time this has been available because people have used other processes and chemicals to extract the oil. Then, that has to be later extracted. We don’t have any of that. It is just natural food oil because our oil is extracted using water.”

Source-Omega, LLC, emphasizes the importance of GMO-free processing when selecting an omega-3 supplement. Because of its myriad benefits, the omega-3 supplement industry is booming. Yet, as Source-Omega, LLC, points out, few suppliers take the time to review GMO research and invest in a processing method that ensures non-GMO supplement formulation.

As a consumer, the answer lies in your hands. Nutra-Ingredients confirms that while the non-GMO food and supplement sector is growing, not all manufacturers are ready to comply. In order to set this precedent for both food and supplements, customers must petition for transparency in every product they buy. This principle applies to food, as well as your supplement of choice. When purchasing an omega-3 supplement for your health, make it your top priority to keep GMOs out. Demand a supplement supplier that meets this standard.

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    • Lily Savage

      This is so helpful, I never completely understood what GMOs were before and now I know exactly what they are and why it’s so important to avoid them!

      • Ricardo Camacho

        Este artículo no tiene fundamentos científicos. No puedes asegurar que sabes exactamente lo que son los OGM basandote en la explicación y razones sin fundamentos que describen aquí.

      • Victor Major

        …unless you are shilling your own article, I really think that you should seek a bit broader perspective. There is just about nothing factual or true in this article.

      • Sam Harris

        Yes, please do further research before you jump to any conclusions. No factual evidence to found here.

    • Nick

      This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all week. Not only do you not know what GMO really is but you have no idea how it comes about. A dog breeder trying to make a new breed is making a GMO. Encouraging crops to cross-pollinate is making a GMO. That apple you think is ‘natural, is a product of hundred of years of horticulture, making a damn GMO.

      • no nick

        no it’s not the same. a dog breeder is making a hybrid – mixing two DOGS, even if one is drastically smaller, and would never breed NATURALLY because of difficulty while, erm doing it, it’s still the same species. making GMOs they take gene sequences out of randon beings and are putting them into random beings – VERY DIFFErent. never happens in nature, ever, cause cross-pollintion can increase yield because of genetic diversity, but it’s still the “small” gene pool that the changes come from, not from a frog or sth

      • jirken

        never… really? so your mother (random organism) didnt recieved any genes from your father? how was you created? never heard about dna/rna plasmid transfer between bacterias? even different types? changing dna or genes between organisms is old as nature itself…

    • MichaelTu

      The ignorance on GMOs is astounding. I mean, the general scientific consensus agrees GMOs are safe

      • Andreas

        Everyone should have beeon to one single lab exercise before being allowed to vote on GMO

      • MichaelTu

        wat are you trying to say?

      • Andreas

        People (IMO) shouldn’t talk about something they don’t understand. If they got some objective information on GMO, they probably wouldn’t oppose “GMO”*.

        *There is no “GMO”. Each genetic modification has totally different effects. The only concerns I see is toxin resistance. But it’s not the resistance gene that is bad, but applying the toxin which gives toxic residues.

      • MichaelTu

        Ohhhh. Thanks.

      • andrew g r

        Might that possibly depend on size of bribe? Like the polutician (sic – very) plus petrofraud pairings…

      • MichaelTu

        To bribe the general scientific consensus and everyone who was injured by GMO’s would cost several trillions. And if the president can’t even keep his affairs a secret, how do you think monasto has a control over every single scientist?

    • Leszek12dc

      This is tridiculous

    • Tara-Jade McAinsh

      Big alterna shills!! This is just one big, wordy add for supplements. I don’t need expensive urine thanks!

    • Hutch

      This is one of the stupidest anti-GMO article I’ve seen in a long time, whoever wrote this has no actual understanding on what they are talking about. The ironic thing is I only found this from the suggested links in an actual science blog talking about the misconceptions the public have about chemicals

    • David Peterson

      What an absolutely ridiculous and unscientific read! Bethany Ramos you should be ashamed!!

    • Andreas

      GMO never happens in nature? You guys seriously should read about plasmids, transposons, viruses, retrotransposons, agrobacterium, just to name a few. Nature is the **** biggest genetic engineer that ever existed

    • shilshel

      N then they wana bann weed which is good for health n can save lives… Yet having this shiity GMO crap is totally fine with them… Wowwww…. I wish I din’t exsist on this planet….

      • jesus christ

        your a stupid dumb hoe who smokes too much

      • James

        Weed is absolutely not good for you, it can cause oral cancers and various other problems, I personally dont see how its worse than cigarettes which are legal and I think weed should also be legal (or both illegal) but actually saying weed is good is simply bullshit. It has some good properties, but so does heroin (i.e both are painkillers – although of massively different strengths). Some compounds in weed are medically usefull and can be seperated out and used without the high (this is already done for a painkiller available – rarely (its expensive) – on the NHS).
        Aslo as a side note, there is no evidence whatsoever that Genetically modified organisims are dangerous, I’m not going to bother explaining as others already have on this page.
        Finaly, I beg you to actually learn some facts (from multiple independant sources) about any issue before forming a strong opinion and certainly before excreating that opinion in front of others.

    • Victor Major

      “GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are a real threat to you and your family with every bite you take.”

      Please show some evidence for this claim.

    • Sam Harris

      Haha I totally agree, this IS one of the most ridiculous articles that I have ever read. I love how there is absolutely no scientific data sourced to back up the ‘fact’ that GMOs are dangerous to human health. A little research regarding the L-tryptophan supplement “epidemic” should clear things up for you. Oh, and thanks for also mentioning the fact that scientist and FDA regulators have YET to find any ill side-effects of genetically modified foods. Are you people aware that genetic modification is only speeding up a process that has been occurring since the beginning of time? I guess you should go ahead and emasculate all plants to prevent them from cross-breeding, as they do every day….because they are crossing their genes, thus producing a new (and yes, often better) variety. “There are no inherent differences between foods produced from genetically modified (GM) plants and those from non-GM crops. All living things contain DNA, and all DNA consists of the same four building blocks, known as nucleotides. By moving a piece of DNA from one organism into another, scientists are not introducing a “foreign” substance. The new gene merely prompts the modified organism to express a desired trait. Companies that wish to release a GM seed or the product of a GM crop are required to test the safety of that product. If the product is made from an organism containing a known allergen, it must be tested for safety. No one has substantiated a single human death, or even illness, as a result of consuming GM foods.” A little research into the development and use of GMOs, would open your eyes to the obvious benefits. Its just like a privileged American to slam the Agriculture Industry just “because they can.” in 2050, I’m sure activist or marketing expenditures such as these won’t be proclaiming from their mouths empty slogans.

    • S.Levy

      There´s a universe of difference between GMO ad hybrid. When you pick two types of the same plant or dog or whatever and you cross-breed them then the product is a hybrid. e.g. one type of corn grown in a cold northern region crossbred with another type of corn grown in a hot region, you´ll obtain a 3rd. type resistant to either cold or heat. Just for iargument´s sake, If you take one type of corn and modify it genetically with a gene from a polar bear, then you get a typr of corn that can be harvested in either one of the two poles instead of in a normal farming regiion. Now you´ve got to investigate how this affects ALL nature, not only human beings. It´s abnormal and criminal! You can thank the greed of enterprises such as Monsanto and Cargill who invented this GMO procedure, from which they earn millions in royalties because of patents only they can commercialize it. Read the book by Susan George “How the Other Half Dies”, superbly explicit.