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Jimmy Fallon Discusses Juice Cleanses

Jimmy Fallon Discusses Juice Cleanses

Jimmy Fallon‘s thoughts on juice cleanses -Eater

5 easy ways to stay hydrated -Alignyo

49 life skills every modern woman should have -HuffPo Women

Tone your core with these yoga poses -Fit Sugar

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Follow Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston‘s yoga philosophy -Alignyo

Watch Jimmy Fallon compete in a hot wing eating contest -Eater

What women really think about sex -HuffPost Women

10 reasons to change your mind about kale -Fit Sugar

How to remove blackheads without going to the dermatologist -Divine Caroline

Boston introduces “black light yoga” -Well+Good NYC

How to make your own nut milk -Greatist

Always remember to keep dreaming bigger -Intent Blog

How to make romantic rose petal desserts -The Stir

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Happy National Relaxation Day!

Happy National Relaxation Day!

How to celebrate National Relaxation Day -Well + Good NYC

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on why he’s a feminist -HuffPost Women

How Jennifer Lawrence stays strong, beautiful, and balanced -Fit Sugar

Why you should be drinking more coffee -Eater

5 ways to identify and cure your jealousy triggers -YourTango

6 yoga poses that are perfect for the beach -Alignyo

17 awkward things that tall girls have to deal with -The Frisky

How to turn frozen fruit into a healthy and satisfying dessert -Greatist

The best way to stock a home bar -Divine Caroline

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How to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

How to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

How to get happy (almost) instantly -Fit Sugar

5 foods that are harming your skin -YourTango

6 beach workouts you can do on your towel -The Stir

11 homemade chip recipes that go beyond potatoes -The Frisky

How to calm your first-date nerves -Divine Caroline 

A case for why we all need feminism -HuffPost Women

Go behind the scenes at this artisanal ice cream and sorbet shop -Eater

These yummy fermented foods will give you clearer skin -Well + Good NYC 

The perfect kettlebell swing: explained -Greatist

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Bon App√©tit Reveals Nominees for America’s Best New Restaurant

Bon Appétit Reveals Nominees for America's Best New Restaurant

Bon App√©tit¬†reveals nominees for America’s Best New Restaurant 2014 -Eater

Channel Ellie Goulding with this perfect breakfast smoothie -Fit Sugar

Why giving him the silent treatment does more harm than good -YourTango

8 signs that flirting is not your strong suit -The Frisky 

An early look at NYC’s premier treadmill-centric boutique fitness studio -Well + Good NYC

The “Expose” project encourages women to love their bodies -HuffPost Women¬†

This cop busting out some serious dance moves will brighten up your day -The Stir

50 ways to eat more quinoa -Greatist 

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Zosia Mamet On Her Eating Disorder and Recovery

Zosia Mamet On Her Eating Disorder and Recovery

Girls‘¬†Zosia Mamet on her eating disorder and recovery -HuffPost Women

Get fit without having to use any gym equipment whatsoever -Fit Sugar

Guys’ online dating dealbreakers -YourTango

Remembering Robin Williams: his best food moments -Eater

What your first date food order says about you -The Frisky

Get healthy, glowing skin with these makeup highlighters -Well + Good NYC

Find out what style of yoga is best for you -Greatist 

The best products to tame your curls -Divine Caroline 

Get some peace and quiet with these yoga moves -Alignyo 

Why we need to take nonviolent sexual assaults seriously -The Stir

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Doing Hot Yoga in the Summer Just Got Easier

Doing Hot Yoga in the Summer Just Got Easier

4 tips for enhancing your hot yoga experience -Alignyo

Bon Appétit and Bravo team up for Best New Restaurant -Eater

10 things “relationship people” do differently -HuffPost Women

Master the perfect squat with these helpful tips -Fitsugar

Why you should never go to Yahoo Answers for love advice -YourTango

This roasted chorizo and potato salad is perfect for your summer picnic -The Stir

Why consent is key -The Frisky

The health pros and cons of paraben-free makeup -Divine Caroline

Easy ways to fit a workout into a busy schedule -Greatist

Remember to take a break when you need it -Intent Blog

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Avocado Inspired Lunch Ideas

Avocado Inspired Lunch Ideas

15 Avocado inspired lunch ideas -Fitsugar

7 things that will make you feel like a kid again -The Stir

The healthiest cup of coffee is all about the brewing -Greatist

McDonald’s is testing home delivery in Australia -Eater

Is your favorite juice using HPP? -Well + Good NYC

There’s a new start-up for 24-hour condom delivery -HuffPo Women

Three sweet energy boosters -Alignyo

Sexfit is a pedometer that will post the man’s thrust stats on Facebook -The Frisky

Your marriage is failing because you’re lazy -YourTango

Intent to be fresh as a flower -Intent Blog

DIY your own cute coat rack -Divine Caroline

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Insomnia Treatments That Really Work

Insomnia Treatments That Really Work

Insomnia treatments for moms that really work -The Stir

How to handle the causes of painful sex -Greatist

21 new ice cream destinations -Eater

Do you know your juice horoscope? -Well+Good NYC

Woman uses her Nike app to make penis-shaped running routes -HuffPo Women

Use non-toxic repellant to keep bugs off you -Alignyo

New teacher shows up drunk on her first day -The Frisky

Say this phrase every day to be happy -YourTango

Intention in nature -Intent Blog

Tips for acing the job interview -Divine Caroline

Yoga-inspired water bottles -Fitsugar

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Delicious Treats You Can Make In The Microwave

Delicious Treats You Can Make In The Microwave

Delicious treats you didn’t know you could make in a microwave -Greatist

Minnesota restaurant is charging minimum wage fee -Eater

These super foods are good for your gut -Well+Good NYC

Try out these vegan recipes for summer -Alignyo

How to tell the difference between kinds of bug bites -The Stir

Tallulah Willis opens up about body dysmorphia -The Frisky

‘Fat’ and ‘Ugly’ are not the worst things you can be -HuffPo Women

Take these steps to lean into happiness -YourTango

You can DIY your own dorm room decor -Divine Caroline

Tone every inch of your body with the no equipment workout -Fitsugar

Intent to be your own source of inner light -Intent Blog

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Order Pizza With A New App

Order Pizza With A New App

Order pizza with a tap thanks to new app -Eater

Expert tips on getting better sleep at night -Well+Good NYC

Iced almond milk latte recipe -Alignyo

10 school smells that bring back childhood memories -The Stir

Hippie beauty products you can DIY -The Frisky

How to be friends with another woman -HuffPo Women

Sitcoms are ruining your love life -YourTango

Everything you need to know to leave a public restroom disease-free -Greatist

How to make the perfect cosmopolitan -Divine Caroline

5 minute core workout for your abs -Fitsugar

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8 Supplements For Thicker Hair

8 Supplements For Thicker Hair

8 supplements for fuller and thicker hair -Well+Good NYC

Wild greens that will boost your health -Alignyo

5 ways to treat summer colds -The Stir

Short documentary provides insight to street harassment -The Frisky

7 ways to like your body more -HuffPo Women

Celebrity inspired ice cream flavors -YourTango

The potato salad kickstarted guy is throwing a music festival -Eater

The biology of a broken heart and how to mend it -Greatist

Tips for yoga beginners -Divine Caroline

Trainers hate these gym moves -Fitsugar

Intent to be as fresh as a flower and as solid as a mountain -Intent Blog

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Healthy Chip Alternatives

Healthy Chip Alternatives

16 healthy chip alternatives -Greatist

Freshen up after a midday workout -Divine Caroline

10 unique uses for avocados -Alignyo

How to handle dating rejection -The Frisky

Cronut creator comes out with sundaes in a can -Eater

Do kids really need a multivitamin? -The Stir

The couple that vacations together, stays together -YourTango

Plus size pole dancer wants to inspire others -HuffPo Women

The beginner’s guide to biking in NYC -Well+Good NYC

Recipe for a delicious de-bloating refresher -Fitsugar

You can get more reading done -Intent Blog

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