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3 Easy Ways To Fall In Love With Your Own Body

3 Easy Ways To Fall In Love With Your Own Body

3 easy ways to fall in love with your own body -YourTango

Recipes to boost your energy -Alignyo

Why restaurants are trimming down their menus -Eater

Men get bikini waxes for the first time, have no regrets -HuffPo Women

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Supreme Court to rule on online threats -The Frisky

Find the best facial cleanser for your skin type -Divine Caroline

Jonathan Dwyer is latest NFL player suspended for domestic abuse -The Stir

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Why Multivitamins Might Actually Do More Harm Than Good

Why Multivitamins Might Actually Do More Harm Than Good

Why multivitamins might do more harm than good -Greatist

Yoga for deep sleep -Alignyo

One restaurant rewards customers for writing negative reviews on Yelp -Eater

How to pour a correct serving of red wine, because size matters -Fit Sugar

Women can finally apply to U.S. Army’s elite ranger school -HuffPo Women

How to properly figure out your face shape -Divine Caroline

Girl scout cookie-flavored Nesquik is a thing now -The Frisky

3 recipes for oatmeal that’ll make you want it for every meal -Well + Good NYC

10 reasons one woman doesn’t want to get rid of her muffin top -YourTango

Woman becomes ‘human sex doll’ in terrifying before and after shots -The Stir

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5 Ways That Apple Wants To Make You Healthier

5 Ways That Apple Wants To Make You Healthier

These are the ways that Apple wants to make you healthier -Well + Good NYC

5 easy ayurvedic tips for fall -Alignyo

The New York Times’ cooking app launches today -Eater

Why paying women more could increase incomes overall -HuffPo Women

A healthy pumpkin spice latte you can make at home -Fit Sugar

5 reasons that might explain your commitment issues -YourTango

How to break up with your boyfriend who just can’t take a hint -Divine Caroline

9 healthy nacho recipes that are perfect for game day -Greatist

The world is weirdly enthusiastic about Surge’s comeback -The Frisky

Meredith Vieira reveals her shocking abusive relationship -The Stir

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Calling All Friends Fans: Central Perk Opens In NYC Tomorrow

Calling All Friends Fans: Central Perk Opens In NYC Tomorrow

Friends fans, get excited: Central Perk opens in NYC tomorrow -Eater

Here’s all you need to know about ayurveda, yoga’s sister science -Alignyo

You need to try these amazing skincare products -Divine Caroline

How much coffee is too much? -Fit Sugar

13 things you’re doing wrong in bed, according to guys -Your Tango

One feminist loves Miss America, and it’s totally okay -The Frisky

The pros and cons of intermittent fasting -Well + Good NYC

Kerry Washington talks about an invisible kind of domestic violence -HuffPo Women

26 delicious ways to celebrate National Guacamole Day -Greatist

Focus on who you want to be -Intent Blog

What your couples fighting style says about you -The Stir

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Urban Outfitters Crosses The Line With Bloodstained Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters Crosses The Line With Bloodstained Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters crosses the line (again) with their new sweatshirt -The Stir

28 uses for coconut oil -Divine Caroline

10 reasons to take yoga teacher training -Alignyo

Get ready for some serious nostalgia: Coco-Cola resurrects Surge -Eater

On race and online dating -HuffPo Women

Start the day right with this perfect breakfast smoothie -Fit Sugar

How 7 busy women make time to meditate -Well + Good NYC

7 ways to score a date online, according to science -The Frisky

10 things women are sick and tired of hearing about -Your Tango

The do-anywhere HIIT bodyweight workout -Greatist

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Granola Bars That Are Actually Good For You

Granola Bars That Are Actually Good For You

15 granola bars that are actually good for you -Greatist

Taking a bath is one of the best ways to relieve stress -Alignyo

10 alarming quotes about fast food -Eater

A plank modification that will tone your abs faster -Fit Sugar

11 no-heat hairstyles for girls on the go -Divine Caroline

We need to stop using this word to describe the act of eating, like, now. -HuffPo Women

How to actually be sexy during phone sex -Your Tango

13 adorable desserts in mugs that are deceptively easy to make -The Stir

5 things you need to know about vedic meditation -Well + Good NYC

8 lessons one woman learned while training for a marathon -The Frisky

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Anna Wintour Answers 73 Questions, Obviously Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Anna Wintour Answers 73 Questions, Obviously Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Anna Wintour answers 73 questions, while wearing sunglasses indoors -The Frisky

A woman on Tinder asked men if they were feminists -HuffPo Women

Get grounded for the fall with this yoga detox video -Alignyo

A teen chef’s rise to the top -Eater

Bake-ahead breakfasts for weight-loss success -Fit Sugar

Sex o’ clock: the 7 best times to get busy -Your Tango

The do’s and don’t's of dry shampoo -Divine Caroline

Man charged with battery for kissing a girl’s hand -The Stir

How to do the perfect deadlift -Greatist

Fall’s 10 most exciting healthy restaurant openings -Well + Good NYC

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McDonald’s Wants To Trademark ‘McBrunch’

McDonald's Wants To Trademark 'McBrunch'

McDonald’s wants to trademark the term ‘McBrunch’ -Eater

Yin Yoga: 101 -Alignyo

9 calorie-torching kettle bell exercises -Fit Sugar

How to choose your first yoga studio, instructor, and class -Greatist

28 ways to use coconut oil -Divine Caroline

Dear all women: read this before smoking pot -HuffPo Women

Tinder exec resigns following sexual harassment settlement -The Frisky

Ellen DeGeneres spoofs Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Anaconda’ video, and it’s perfect -The Stir

Ballerina launches two new ballet-inspired fashion collaborations -Well + Good NYC

How to help your health intentions -Intent Blog

Science says men with big bellies are better in bed -Your Tango

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#WhyIStayed Hashtag Reveals Why Domestic Violence Survivors Stay

#WhyIStayed Hashtag Reveals Why Domestic Violence Survivors Stay

#WhyIStayed reveals why domestic violence survivors can’t ‘just leave’ -HuffPo Women

Affordable yoga clothes for the fall -Alignyo

A sneak peak at the Portlandia cookbook -Eater

Walk, run, and burn belly fat with this great workout -Fit Sugar

Keep the pumpkin craze going with this pumpkin pie smoothie -Greatist

This healthy dessert will spice up your sex life -Your Tango

Cee Lo Green dropped from music festival after rape tweets -The Frisky

Avoid buyer’s remorse with these tips for shopping smart -Divine Caroline

These pictures of ‘sad dads’ at One Direction concerts are hilarious -The Stir

This woman has the coolest job ever -Well + Good NYC

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Smoothie Bowls Are The New Health Food Craze You’ll Love

Smoothie Bowls Are The New Health Food Craze You'll Love

Introducing the newest health food craze: smoothie bowls -Your Tango

3 styles of yoga to try this fall -Alignyo

The grocery store is the new hot restaurant -Eater

24 healthy and tasty ways to tailgate -Fit Sugar

Colleges embrace ‘Only Yes Means Yes’ campaign -HuffPo Women

14 stylish Ikea hacks -Divine Caroline

How to flirt without feeling like a predator -The Frisky

Beyonce does gymnastics better than anybody else, ever -The Stir

The go-to 10-minute recipes of busy, healthy women -Well + Good NYC 

How to fit a killer cardio workout into 15 minutes -Greatist

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Jon Stewart Takes Down Catcalling On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Takes Down Catcalling On The Daily Show

Watch Jon Stewart take down catcalling on The Daily Show -The Frisky

Joan Rivers destroyed the single woman stereotype in 1967 -HuffPo Women

Green smoothies 101 -Alignyo

The new nonprofit that thinks restaurants can help save the planet -Eater

Diet soda is even worse for you than we thought -Fit Sugar

This recipe for post-sex detox water is life-changing -Your Tango

High school principal cancels Homecoming due to ‘twerking fears’ -The Stir

Quick fixes for thick and sticky nail polish -Divine Caroline

These 8 healthy breakfast puddings will make you love mornings -Well + Good NYC

This full-body warm-up will get your heart pumping -Greatist

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BeyoncĂ©’s Secret To Staying Fit And Fierce

Beyoncé's Secret To Staying Fit And Fierce

In honor of her birthday, BeyoncĂ©‘s secrets to staying fit and fierce -Fit Sugar

Here are some healthier pre-packaged foods for everyone to enjoy- Alignyo

27 food and drink events for you to look forward to -Eater

6 old-school myths about women and sex, busted -HuffPo Women

Why talking too much about your relationship hurts more than it helps -Your Tango

How to pronounce the most baffling beauty brands -Divine Caroline

The first thing you should drink in the morning, according to 19 health experts -Greatist

5 not-so-typical signs it might be time for a detox -Well + Good NYC

Men need to stop complaining about women who ‘wear too much makeup’ -The Stir

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What Your ‘Dating Speed’ Says About You

What Your 'Dating Speed' Says About You

What your ‘dating speed’ says about you -Your Tango

Columbia student carrying her mattress until her rapist is expelled -HuffPo Women

Summer meets Fall with this delicious salad recipe -Alignyo

Forget emojis, you can now text tacos -Eater

The video workouts you need to sculpt your arms -Fit Sugar

10 tips for getting organized -Divine Caroline

The easy and amazing pumpkin poke cake recipe that will blow your mind -The Stir

40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less -Greatist

Where you can find #FitnessFashionFood during NYFW -Well + Good NYC

Stay positive when the going gets tough -Intent Blog

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