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Joan Rivers’ 20 Best Jokes About Sex

Joan Rivers' 20 Best Jokes About Sex

Joan Rivers‘ 20 best one-liners about sex -Your Tango

The best-tasting beer with the fewest calories -Fit Sugar

3 styles of yoga to improve your core strength -Alignyo

Stephen Colbert vapes alcohol, is entertaining for all -Eater

This is what would happen if men were honest while hitting on women -HuffPo Women

Why timing is everything -The Frisky

10 surprising foods you can freeze -The Stir

The secret to never dealing with running blisters again -Greatist

15 end-of-summer cocktails that are perfect for Labor Day Weekend -Divine Caroline

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How to Make Libido-Boosting Coffee

How to Make Libido-Boosting Coffee

How to make ‘sex coffee’ because, yes, it’s a real thing -Your Tango

3 traditionally male jobs that were actually pioneered by women -HuffPo Women

5 totally free techniques for weight loss -Fit Sugar

This cruise ship has robots for bartenders -Eater

DIY your own cream blush with these easy tips -Divine Caroline

These fridge-organizing tips will keep your food fresher, longer -Greatist

NYC to recreate the iconic Friends coffee shop -The Frisky

7 last-minute vacation planning tips to get the most for your money -The Stir

Get a better workout in half the time -Well + Good NYC

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Perfect Gifts for the Ultimate Beyoncé Fan

Perfect Gifts for the Ultimate Beyoncé Fan

16 gifts for the ultimate Beyoncé fan -The Frisky

Mozzarella is the best cheese for pizza, says science -Eater

Why one woman chooses to never leave the house without makeup on -HuffPo Women

17 DIY decor ideas for your smaller spaces-Divine Caroline

The pistachio-cherry crumble recipe you need to try -Fit Sugar

Delicious plant-based recipes to maintain your healthy lifestyle -Alignyo

Which Disney villain describes your ex? Take this quiz to find out -Your Tango

The 25 healthiest colleges in the U.S. -Greatist

How to eat smart, effortlessly -Well + Good NYC

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Here’s How Women Reacted to the 2014 Emmy Awards

Here's How Women Reacted to the 2014 Emmy Awards

Here’s how women reacted to the 2014 Emmy Awards -HuffPo Women

The weird new way to wash your hair without shampoo -The Stir

Office supplies that double as beauty hacks -Divine Caroline

Your new favorite 6.5 minute dumbbell routine is here, playlist and all -Greatist

The Sorbabes want to make sorbet cooler than ice cream -Well + Good NYC

Why you should make room for your ‘inner silence’ -Intent Blog

18 Etsy find for all of your ‘nope’ needs -The Frisky

Rashida Jones to produce to new restaurant dramedy -Eater

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Taylor Swift Really Is A Feminist

Taylor Swift Really Is A Feminist

Taylor Swift reveals she’s been a feminist all this time -HuffPo Women

Get glowing summer skin with this DIY body oil -Alignyo

This is the perfect weight-loss smoothie -Fit Sugar

How to tell if he’s into you…or just your body -Your Tango

The sweetest Vine you’ll ever watch -The Frisky

How the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte came to be -Eater

Trader Joe’s beauty products you have to try -Divine Caroline

How to hold onto your summer bliss -Well + Good NYC

You’ll love this recipe for healthier zucchini fritters -Greatist

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Yoga Can Sharpen Your Body AND Mind

Yoga Can Sharpen Your Body AND Mind

Yoga can lead to increased brain function-The Frisky

11 amazing face scrubs you can make at home -Divine Caroline

Contaminated nut butters spark nationwide recall -Eater

24 questions to ask on a first date -HuffPo Women

This weird arm-balance move will sculpt your arms AND core -Fit Sugar

Why settling in your relationship isn’t doing you any favors -YourTango

You won’t believe this doctor’s excuse for a sexual harassment allegation -The Stir

This strawberries and cream paleo oatmeal recipe will keep you full all morning -Greatist

This new app is like having a nutritionist in your handbag -Well + Good NYC

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Makeup Tips To Help You Land That Job

Makeup Tips To Help You Land That Job

Makeup tips to help you land that job -Divine Caroline

These female musicians have an awesome response to industry sexism -HuffPo Women

Padma Lakshmi was allegedly attacked by Boston Teamsters -Eater

Blast belly fat with the delicious and healthy recipes -Fit Sugar

Why calling suicide selfish is selfish -The Frisky

All you wanted to know about the nationwide peanut butter recall -The Stir

5 questions for celebrity trainers Chris and Heidi Powell -Well + Good NYC

What it really means to listen to your body -Greatist

3 ways to perfect your power vinyasa yoga moves -Alignyo

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Jimmy Fallon Discusses Juice Cleanses

Jimmy Fallon Discusses Juice Cleanses

Jimmy Fallon‘s thoughts on juice cleanses -Eater

5 easy ways to stay hydrated -Alignyo

49 life skills every modern woman should have -HuffPo Women

Tone your core with these yoga poses -Fit Sugar

The trials and tribulations of finding the right bra -The Frisky

6 ways to break the vicious cheating cycle -The Stir

SPF facts you need to know -Divine Caroline

5 ways to boost your confidence when sleeping with someone new -YourTango

40 squat variations you need to try -Greatist

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Follow Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston‘s yoga philosophy -Alignyo

Watch Jimmy Fallon compete in a hot wing eating contest -Eater

What women really think about sex -HuffPost Women

10 reasons to change your mind about kale -Fit Sugar

How to remove blackheads without going to the dermatologist -Divine Caroline

Boston introduces “black light yoga” -Well+Good NYC

How to make your own nut milk -Greatist

Always remember to keep dreaming bigger -Intent Blog

How to make romantic rose petal desserts -The Stir

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Happy National Relaxation Day!

Happy National Relaxation Day!

How to celebrate National Relaxation Day -Well + Good NYC

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on why he’s a feminist -HuffPost Women

How Jennifer Lawrence stays strong, beautiful, and balanced -Fit Sugar

Why you should be drinking more coffee -Eater

5 ways to identify and cure your jealousy triggers -YourTango

6 yoga poses that are perfect for the beach -Alignyo

17 awkward things that tall girls have to deal with -The Frisky

How to turn frozen fruit into a healthy and satisfying dessert -Greatist

The best way to stock a home bar -Divine Caroline

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How to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

How to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

How to get happy (almost) instantly -Fit Sugar

5 foods that are harming your skin -YourTango

6 beach workouts you can do on your towel -The Stir

11 homemade chip recipes that go beyond potatoes -The Frisky

How to calm your first-date nerves -Divine Caroline 

A case for why we all need feminism -HuffPost Women

Go behind the scenes at this artisanal ice cream and sorbet shop -Eater

These yummy fermented foods will give you clearer skin -Well + Good NYC 

The perfect kettlebell swing: explained -Greatist

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