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Health Today: You’ll Love What Anna Kendrick Has To Say About Feminism

Health Today: You'll Love What Anna Kendrick Has To Say About Feminism

Anna Kendrick has some great things to say about feminism -Crushable

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Health Today: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Self-Waxing

Health Today: The Do's And Don'ts Of Self-Waxing

The do’s and don’ts of self-waxing -Gurl

What to do if your friends’ social media updates are depressing you -The Frisky

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Health Today: Texting Is Hazardous To Your Health

Health Today: Texting Is Hazardous To Your Health

5 ways texting is slowly destroying your health -Bustle

Why you should own both day and night lip treatments -The Frisky

An attempt to censor a lingerie ad went seriously, horribly wrong -The Gloss

7 cold weather skincare care mistakes you’re probably making -Gurl

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