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Genes Impact How Much Brain Power You’ll Lose By Old Age

Genes Impact How Much Brain Power You'll Lose By Old Age

With Alzheimer’s and dementia increasing and baby boomers aging, it seems everyone from researchers to video game makers are focused on brain health like never before. And a lot of the results are encouraging: Turns out, ‘cognitive decline’ isn’t totally the crapshoot many once thought it was. A nutritious diet, keeping active, hormones and even a college degree can influence your chances of staying sharp while you age and avoiding Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. But new research indicates that genes do have an impact on how much brain power you’ll lose over your lifetime—and to a much higher degree than ever before estimated. More »

Morning Links: New Alzheimer’s Genes Could Lead to Earlier Testing

Morning Links: New Alzheimer's Genes Could Lead to Earlier Testing

New Genetic Clues for Alzheimer’s – New research reveals big genetic clues for Alzheimer’s, raising hope of earlier tests and – some say – even a cure. (CNN Health)

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Do Hit Snooze – Here are ten consequences of not getting enough sleep; think of them every time you hit the snooze button from now on. (FitSugar) More »

A Test for Alzheimer’s: Would You Take It?

A Test for Alzheimer's: Would You Take It?

In as little as two years, scientists say that there could be a 30 second test to spot early signs of Alzheimer’s that could be given to people as early as in their 40s. The aim is that patients could then take steps to prevent the onset of the disease. While this sounds too good to be true for those who have lost a family member to Alzheimer’s, the question still remains: What if the prevention is unsuccessful? More »