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Top 6 Promises Made At The DNC About Your Reproductive Health

Top 6 Promises Made At The DNC About Your Reproductive Health

Last night, President Obama asked for four more years to solve the “challenges that have built up over decades.” And while we are all familiar with the challenges of the economy, the job market and the budget deficit, another major challenge–that has gotten twisted and confused in some respects–is women’s reproductive health. It was impressive to hear from so many women and men this week about this issue, so in case you missed it all, here is a round-up of the most notable promises made at the DNC about women’s repro health. Do you believe them? More »

So…I’m Finally Getting An IUD; Let’s Talk About It

So...Iâm Finally Getting An IUD; Let's Talk About It

It’s no secret that I’m pretty passionate about women’s health–and my own desire to not have children. Which is why so many of my friends (and readers) are surprised to hear that I don’t have what so many of them have: An IUD. And really, there’s no good reason why I don’t have one, except that I am a big, whiny, afraid-of-the-doctor baby who has previously been too scared to take the plunge. But I’m finally doing it. More »

Sandra Fluke Shames Republicans At DNC Over Women’s Rights And Birth Control

Sandra Fluke Shames Republicans At DNC Over Women's Rights And Birth Control

The women at the Democratic National Convention are quite simply kicking ass this week. First we had Nancy Keenan and Michelle Obama speaking on women’s reproductive rights (something the Republicans were too cowardly to do). Then last night we watched Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, give a moving speech about our bodies and our rights. And perhaps, the you-go-girl award of the week goes to Sandra Fluke for shaming Republicans for trying to silence her over birth control. More »

Democratic National Convention Addresses Women’s Reproductive Rights…And Nails It

Democratic National Convention Addresses Women's Reproductive Rights...And Nails It

After three days of the Republican National Convention last week with nary a mention of the issue so many republicans have been quick to judge–women’s reproductive rights, it was finally discussed last night at the Democratic National Convention. From abortion to birth control to rape, both Nancy Keenan and Michelle Obama addressed what felt like the elephant in the room last week. And they nailed it. More »

Teen Girls Just Aren’t Giving Blow Jobs Like They Used To

Teen Girls Just Arenât Giving Blow Jobs Like They Used To

Much to the probable disappointment of sensationalistic daytime television segments everywhere, young girls are keeping it in their pants. Or rather in their partner’s pants. Actually, both! The notion that young ladies are rapidly turning to oral sex in recent years to delay intercourse has been trumped by new numbers that reveal a blow job down turn, if you will. Don’t all show your disappointment at once.
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Women’s Health, We Salute You For Talking About Why Birth Control Rocks

Women's Health, We Salute You For Talking About Why Birth Control Rocks

A lot of major women’s magazines like to talk about sex, and some even discuss birth control options. But rarely do they take a stand in the politics of birth control access, abortion, or insurance coverage. So when Women’s Health launched a special report on birth control laws and your health, and asked readers to share praise for contraceptives on twitter with the hashtag #birthcontrolrocks, it raised some eyebrows around Blisstree. It’s a bold issue for a major magazine to cover, and it could be unpopular with advertisers and even some readers. But it’s also something we think any publication that claims to care about women’s health should be talking about right now. So: Women’s Health, we salute you, and thank you for talking about birth control and politics. More »

Senator Tom Harkin Acknowledges That–Get This–Women Have Periods

Senator Tom Harkin Acknowledges That--Get This--Women Have Periods

We all know that, in the political arena, “vagina” is a dirty, dirty word, not to be uttered in front of sweet, innocent, pretty-headed ladies. But at least one lawmaker isn’t afraid to use clinical terms to talk about reproductive health–and he’s a male. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), in a interview, actually acknowledged that women menstruate, and that they may use hormonal birth control for their cramps. More »

Infographic: What The Affordable Care Act Means For Women (Other Than Free Birth Control)

Infographic: What The Affordable Care Act Means For Women (Other Than Free Birth Control)

Starting yesterday, women who are insured and employed by non-religious employers who weren’t seeking exemption got a big boost in their health care coverage. August 1st marked the beginning of mandatory coverage of well-women visits, HPV screenings, and even no-cost birth control. But reading lists and trying to parse out government documents can still leave some health care information pretty hazy, so Planned Parenthood has released this very-helpful infographic to explain. More »

Happy No-Cost Birth Control Day! (Assuming You’re Insured And Your Employer Isn’t Religious)

Happy No-Cost Birth Control Day! (Assuming You're Insured And Your Employer Isn't Religious)

August 1 is an exciting day for some of the millions of women who have struggled to pay for birth control and other women’s health care procedures and treatments. That’s because, under the Affordable Care Actprivate insurers must begin offering critical preventative services like STI screening and counseling, annual visits, and contraception at no additional out-of-pocket fee for women, starting today. But the key word there is “some.” More »

Why I’m ThisClose To Putting Up A Want Ad for NuvaRing on My Local Craigslist

Why I'm ThisClose To Putting Up A Want Ad for NuvaRing on My Local Craigslist

Yesterday, I paid $69 for the privilege of not getting pregnant for one month. I know; much less than what a baby would cost (thanks, poster in my high school nurse’s office!). But way more than I can afford in my current financial situation. I use the NuvaRing, the notoriously expensive form of birth control, and I’m seriously considering trying to buy my birth control on the black market, sketchy as it may sound.  And I’m not the only one. More »

Afternoon Links: Why More Women Are Picking IUDs

Afternoon Links: Why More Women Are Picking IUDs

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Kim Kardashian Asked Her Mom For Birth Control At 14; Here’s Why That’s Awesome

Kim Kardashian Asked Her Mom For Birth Control At 14; Here's Why That's Awesome

I’ll admit that I don’t really keep up with the Kardashians, mostly because I a.) don’t care, and, I think beyond being a family full of clearly savvy marketers (seriously, those women can turn money into more money quicker than you can offend a lawmaker with the word “vagina“), there isn’t much to praise about them. But last night, in an interview with Oprah, Kim Kardashian noted that, at age 14, she asked her mother for birth control, and her mother obliged–which means I now several kind words to say to Kim and mother Kris Jenner, which are: that’s awesome, and I wish more mother/daughter pairs could address sex so frankly. More »