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Bob Harper: How ‘Biggest Loser’ Helps Obesity Instead Of Exploiting It

Bob Harper: How 'Biggest Loser' Helps Obesity Instead Of Exploiting It

This year, more than ever, it seems like we are seeing an influx of weight-loss realty shows. Some of them are good and motivating, while others (Read: My 600 Pound Life) are just downright exploiting. To find out why there is such a dramatic upswing in this world of weight-loss TV, we talked with The Biggest Loser’s trainer, Bob Harper. Among other things, Harper told us why some of these shows work and why others don’t.
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Jack LaLanne Exercise and Nutrition Videos: In Memory of a Fitness Guru

Jack LaLanne Exercise and Nutrition Videos: In Memory of a Fitness Guru

Before Bob and Jillian, before Denise Austin, before Jane Fonda, before Richard Simmons, there was Jack LaLanne, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed Godfather of Fitness. The shiny jumpsuit-clad health and wellness guru died yesterday at home in California from complications of pneumonia at the very respectable age of 96. LaLanne was a proponent of exercise (he preferred the term “Trimnastics”), weight-lifting, and healthy nutrition long before personal trainers actually could become as rich and famous as Hollywood movie stars. He even pioneered fitness-oriented reality TV with his incredibly long-running series, The Jack LaLanne Show (1951 to 1985), which inspired several generations of housewives (he called them “students” and “girls”) to take care of their bodies at home using minimal props, fuss, and muss (and also starred his beloved dog, Happy). But this bodybuilder and chiropractor also designed the very first leg extension machines using pulleys, weights, and cables that you probably use in your gym today. We just wish we’d been around in 1936 to visit his first California health spa, which surely would have been awesome. And if you think you could never live up to Jack’s health and wellness standards (1,013 push-ups in 23 minutes; swimming from Alcatraz in handcuffs and shackles), just know that apparently, he was addicted to junk food as a youngster. So, in honor and memory of LaLanne’s serious substance (and chic style) as a fitness professional, here are a few must-watch highlights from his black-and-white TV show. (His fingertip push-ups and facial exercises are our personal faves.) More »

Biggest Loser Recap: 10 Reasons Jillian Michaels Wasn’t On This Week’s Episode

Biggest Loser Recap: 10 Reasons Jillian Michaels Wasn't On This Week's Episode

If you watched this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser, you may have noticed Jillian’s mysterious disappearance from training. While her team managed to (spoiler alert) lose more weight than the “unknowns,” her presence was missing, even at the weigh-in. While the show’s host, Alison Sweeney, explained that she “wasn’t feeling well,” we’re not so sure: Has anyone else noticed how many DVD she films, products she sponsors, and advertisements she manages to shoot while she’s not working on the show?

Even if she doesn’t have time to train contestants on the show, she’s managed to pack in her fair share of advertising deals, not to mention her own empire of fitness equipment, DVDs, books, and other products for her fans. More »