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Morning Links: Eating Fruits and Vegetables Doesn’t Lower Cancer Risk

Morning Links: Eating Fruits and Vegetables Doesn't Lower Cancer Risk

An Apple a Day Won’t Keep Cancer Away – According to Oxford University researchers, eating fruits and vegetables won’t cut cancer risk, but don’t go pig out on pizza and beer just yet: Obesity and alcohol are still closely related to cancer, according to the same study. (Science Daily)

Low-Sugar Cereals Are Healthier – A Yale University study compared low-sugar to sugary brands, and found that kids who were given low-sugar bowls ended up eating a healthier breakfast. Duh. (New York Times)

Getting Over Last Night’s Egg Nog – There’s no official doctor’s hangover cure, but here are some physician recommended remedies for the morning after your holiday party. (Telegraph)

FDA Warns Against Sex Enhancement Drugs – The FDA warned consumers to stop taking herbal supplement “Man Up Now,” due to lowered blood pressure. (TIME) More »