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Women Aren’t Buying Nigella Lawson’s Mythical Body By Meat, Butter and Cakes

Women Aren't Buying Nigella Lawson's Mythical Body By Meat, Butter and Cakes

Last week, I posted a plea to Facebook friends to stop sharing this female-negative comparison of Nigella Lawson and Gillian McKeith (oft- erroneously referred to as “Karen Diwan“). The viral image compares the two Brits—one, a cooking expert who smokes and dines on “meat, butter and desserts” and looks gorgeous; the other, a health expert who recommends a vegetarian diet and, it’s implied, doesn’t look gorgeous. But a new article reveals that Nigella Lawson didn’t love the body that meat, butter and dessert gave her: She seems to have lost plenty of weight, and some are chalking it up to carb-free noodles. More »