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This Year, I’m Going To Stop Lying To My Therapist

This Year, I'm Going To Stop Lying To My Therapist

For the first time in my non-collegiate adult life, I recently got health care. The first thing I did was book an appointment with a therapist. The second thing I did was request my college medical records, to confirm my timeline of medication and what my dosages were. But they included more information than I’d expected. Like notes from the doctor, which reminded me that when I was 20 years old and seeking medical help and drug therapy for my mental illness (I’m bipolar), I was also lying through my teeth. More »

Diet & Sweetened Drinks Linked To Depression

Diet & Sweetened Drinks Linked To Depression

My mom didn’t let us drink soda when I was growing up because of its potential affect on our teeth. Every once in a while, though, I got a ginger ale or Sprite and was totally in love with how sweet, fizzy and wonderful it was. I fully understand why people can get so hooked on sweetened drinks, as well as diet ones, but putting down the can or bottle is an increasingly good idea for those who find themselves consuming multiple sodas per week. More »