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Photographer Humanizes Breast Cancer In Series Of Late Wife’s Fight

Photographer Humanizes Breast Cancer In Series Of Late Wife's Fight

Breast cancer is terrifying. We can pour out statistics on how many people are diagnosed each year, on mortality rates, on who’s getting more of it and who’s most at risk…all of it is important information, but no number can give us an idea of the actual experience. In a heartbreakingly honest documentation of his late wife Jennifer’s fight with breast cancer, photography Angelo Merendino shows the face — the devastating, painful, slow face — of what the disease is like.of this disease. More »

Why I’m Cutting Out Meat And Dairy (Again) In 2013

Why Iâm Cutting Out Meat And Dairy (Again) In 2013

One of my New Year’s resolutions (actually, the only resolution I’ve made so far) is to give up meat, dairy and eggs again in 2013. Like the times I’ve gone vegetarian or vegan in the past, my concern has little to do with animal welfare and everything to do with personal health. And this time I’m more convinced than ever that, for personal health, a meat-free and dairy-free diet is best. More »

Compound Pharmacies: Like The ‘Fix-A-Flat Booty’ Doctor, But With Fungal Meningitis

Compound Pharmacies: Like The 'Fix-A-Flat Booty' Doctor, But With Fungal Meningitis

Meningitis is quickly becoming fall’s freaky health scare, but the cause–custom mixed drugs sold by compound pharmacies–isn’t a temporary anomaly. In this case, a custom mix of steroids used to treat patient back pain appears to have been contaminated with a fungus that, so far, has caused at least 35 cases of meningitis and five deaths. The meningitis is scary, but even more shocking to me was the fact that these pharmacies mixing up custom drug combos are legal–because even if they are using real, approved drugs, compound pharmacies don’t sound all that far off from the woman who was sent to jail for injecting cement and tire sealant into patients’ buttocks. More »

Nationwide Salad Recall Impacts Restaurants: Here’s What You Need To Know

Nationwide Salad Recall Impacts Restaurants: Here's What You Need To Know

Over the weekend, the FDA announced that River Ranch Fresh Foods had voluntarily expanded a large salad recall, due to potential Listeria contamination. And while the bagged salads and other lettuce products haven’t sickened anyone yet, there’s still reason to be concerned. The products in question aren’t just for consumer use; many of the potentially dangerous vegetables were distributed to restaurants nation wide. More »

Reusable Shopping Bags Linked To Outbreak; Here’s How To Clean Them

Reusable Shopping Bags Linked To Outbreak; Here's How To Clean Them

A while back, I wrote an article about how reusable shopping bags are often covered in bacteria, because they come in contact with meat, veggies, and other potentially contaminated items. I got some emails from readers who accused me of being a fear-monger and overly-cautious, because come on! No one gets sick from innocent, adorable, eco-friendly totes! Except they totally do, says a report published today. Time to take a lesson and learn how to clean reusable shopping bags. More »

Into The Woods: 9 Steps To Protect Yourself From Ticks And Other Pests

Into The Woods: 9 Steps To Protect Yourself From Ticks And Other Pests

It’s hard to believe May is already nearly upon us, but there it is—looming a week from today. It won’t be long before camping trips are in order, or at least hiking and backyard cookouts. But with spring’s bounty and the great outdoors come bugs, bears and bacteria. Ticks are one of the most pernicious of these woodland pests, spreading lyme disease and other nasty illnesses. Here are a few tips for outwitting these creepy little bloodsuckers and other things in the woods that might want to kill you. More »

Tim Caulfield’s ‘Cure For Everything’ (Including Lies and Myths About Health)

Tim Caulfield's 'Cure For Everything' (Including Lies and Myths About Health)

Like many people, professor, researcher, and self-proclaimed science geek  Tim Caulfield thought that he was as fit and healthy as he could be. An athlete and exercise devotee since age 12, Caulfield worked out regularly and ate what he thought was a balanced diet. But in writing his new book, The Cure For Everything! Untangling the Twisted Messages About Health, Fitness and Happiness, Caulfield found that even he wasn’t immune to the various lies and misconceptions that are keeping people unhealthy and unhappy. More »

Mattel Finally Announces Bald Barbie–Could A Body-Positive Barbie Be Far Behind?

Mattel Finally Announces Bald Barbie--Could A Body-Positive Barbie Be Far Behind?

Barbie, who turned 53 this month, has often been criticized for being a poor role model for girls. In her pink and sparkly world, “math is hard,” and all that matters is looking cute. In recent years, though, Barbie’s maker, Mattel, has been trying to turn it around by offering more career choices and empowering scenarios for the iconic doll–except they’ve never gone as far as to change her anatomy to something more realistic. But this week the toy giant confirmed a long-time rumor that they’ll finally answer consumer’s pleas: they’re working up a bald Barbie doll, who they’ll distribute to children’s hospitals. Could a realistic, body-positive Barbie be next? More »

Why Frank Bruni’s Gout Is Great For Everyone Else’s Health

Why Frank Bruni's Gout Is Great For Everyone Else's Health

Long-time New York Times food critic Frank Bruni has been vocal about the occupational hazards of his line of work–chiefly, struggles with his weight, which he has battled all his life. But now, the prominent foodie, who has spend years eating rich, buttery, meat-heavy haute cuisine, has something more serious than a few extra pounds–he has gout, a disease historically linked with a bountiful, yet unhealthy and meat-heavy diet, and it’s putting a serious crimp in his dining style. And while it’s unfortunate and doubtlessly uncomfortable for him, there’s a lesson in there for everyone else: that being a foodie doesn’t make you bullet-proof. More »

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler On Sprouts, Raw Milk, and Why “Local” Isn’t Always Safer

Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler On Sprouts, Raw Milk, and Why âLocalâ Isnât Always Safer

Based on the cases he’s tried and the amount of blogging he’s done on the subject, it’s amazing that Seattle-based food safety lawyer Bill Marler can eat anything he hasn’t grown or raised himself. But instead of being repulsed by the sheer volume of recalls and outbreaks, the prominent attorney, who was an integral part of the Jack-in-the-Box e. case Coli in 1993, has decided to take the challenge and become one of the most outspoken advocates for consumer protection and food safety in the U.S. More »