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Beat the Bloat: 5 Tips From an Expert to Lose Water Weight

Beat the Bloat: 5 Tips From an Expert to Lose Water Weight

Much like the ocean, our bodies have their own ebb and flow rhythm. And sometimes many of us carry around enough extra water weight to fill a large fish tank. PMS is a well-known cause of water weight; and diet, hormones, medication, and water intake are also to blame. (The number one reason people retain water is that they don’t drink enough of it.) But you can’t eradicate water weight forever by temporarily drinking more water, switching up your diet, or living in the steam room and sauna. It’s an ongoing battle that relies on keeping your internal systems flowing. So we asked certified fitness and nutrition specialist and yoga teacher Aileene Palm of Rhode Island for five of the best ways to keep water weight under control: More »

Poll: Which Would You Ditch — Caffeine or Booze?

Poll: Which Would You Ditch -- Caffeine or Booze?

Sometimes we give up a certain food or drink for health, religious, ethical, or weight-loss reasons. And other times we just want to see if we have the sheer willpower to eschew ice cream, refined sugars, gluten, or even all dairy or all wheat for an extended period of time. TMI Alert: I have a rare, genetic skin disease called Hailey-Hailey that creates a painful rash-like condition on the body; and as a result, I’ve experimented a lot with eliminating certain foods from my diet in order to try to control the unpredictable symptoms. For me, caffeine and alcohol (loaded with bad sugars) have always been the most difficult things to give up. It’s cruel enough, this idea of saying arrivederci to my Italian-esque morning ritual, but to also bid farewell to mama’s little helper later in the day? Unthinkable. God forbid you ever have to make this kind of Sophie’s choice, but could you if you had to? Are you as much of a caffeine addict and/or lush as I am? More »