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The Grossest Thing About McDonald’s Supplier Using Old Meat Is That It’s Not Surprising

The Grossest Thing About McDonald's Supplier Using Old Meat Is That It's Not Surprising

I believe you’d need to have a pretty refined palette to detect the difference between regular McDonald’s and expired McDonald’s, but there’s a chance you may have eaten some more-rancid-than-usual meat. OSI Group LLC, a meat supplier to McDonald’s, said it was recalling all products made by its Shanghai Husi Food Co. plant. Because Chinese authorities have shut it down for allegedly selling expired meat. More »

10 Fast Food Chains That Surprisingly Aren’t In NYC Yet

10 Fast Food Chains That Surprisingly Aren't In NYC Yet

I think of New York City as the neutron star of America; a tiny island, densely crammed with just about everything you could dream of. That’s why it’s so strange that there are still a number of fast food chains that haven’t made it onto the NYC scene. Some of them you’ve heard of, some you haven’t, but all of them are welcome to the east coast as far as I’m concerned. More »