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Walgreen’s Gives Away A Flu Shot If You Check In On Foursquare

Walgreen's Gives Away A Flu Shot If You Check In On Foursquare

Do you use the social media app Foursquare? The app enables users to “check in” to places they go to and get points based on the number of times they’ve been out to how many of their friends are at the same place. However, plenty of brands are now using Foursquare to give out coupons, discount codes, or other free stuff to their customers. Tumblr user Bees Knees checked into her local Walgreen’s and got a message informing her that Walgreen’s would be donating a flu shot voucher to “someone in need” because of her checkin. More »

Poll: Would You Want To Unlock Foursquare’s STD Badge?

Poll: Would You Want To Unlock Foursquare's STD Badge?

If you were about to get tested for sexually transmitted infections and diseases, would you want everyone to know? Foursquare, the popular social media app that lets users check into local businesses and attractions to gain points and unlock badges, went out on a limb and assumed that you would…and they were right. Partnering with MTV to meld social media with social awareness, Foursquare created an online “movement” to encourage young people to get tested. Every time users checked into a clinic, they unlocked badges and shared their whereabouts across social media platforms. According to them, their campaign resulted in thousands upon thousands of participants. I know the Foursquare homepage says “it’s more fun with friends!” but this might be pushing the envelope.

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Foursquare Meets the Farmers’ Market

Foursquare Meets the Farmers' Market

We thought you’d like this post from Emerald Catron at Lemondrop.

Finally, the motivation you’ve been looking for to really start doing that “fruit and vegetables” thing — a new badge on Foursquare.

We know, we know, you’ve been overlooking the health of your colon so you could be Mayor of Claudia’s Chicken Shack, but now you can be rewarded for shopping at your local farmer’s market.
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