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“Broga” Sounds Terrible, Says Actual Yoga-Practicing Man

"Broga" Sounds Terrible, Says Actual Yoga-Practicing Man

Last week, Time ran a story with the headline “Broga: Finally, Yoga For Dudes,” which is about studios that are offering competitive, “manlier”  yoga for men. Which immediately irritated me, because not only is that is a terrible name, but there are always men in my yoga class, so it’s not as if they’ve been banned all these years. Is this another crappy marketing campaign–like Dr. Pepper Ten or Charles Barkley’s Weight Watchers ads–to make men believe that caring about health is innately feminine (unless there is a specific male product to make it less so)? Or are many men secretly suffering from a serious phobia of being surrounded by flexible, lululemon-swaddled bodies? “Broga” brought up many questions for me–so I asked Neal Pollack, an actual who does actual, non-bro-specific yoga. More »

Gender Gaps: Are Women Or Men More Willing To Take Risks?

Gender Gaps: Are Women Or Men More Willing To Take Risks?

The stereotype goes that women are cautious; men are daredevils, but according to research from Swedish doctoral student Margareta Bohlin, that stereotype isn’t just sexist, it’s also not true. While similar studies have shown that men are more willing to take risks than women, Bohlin’s work with 15-20 year olds shows that there’s no real gender gap in risk-taking behavior. More »

Sarah Palin’s America by Heart: Feminists, Beware

Sarah Palin's America by Heart: Feminists, Beware

We’re sure you were in line at Barnes and Noble at 7:00 a.m. yesterday so you could get your very own copy of Sarah Palin’s latest masterpiece, America by Heart. No? Great, you aren’t nuts. But we know that you have a perverse desire to see what kind of backwards gems are hidden within the book’s patriotic pages. So, to save you the trouble of putting a paper bag over your head and flipping through the pages at your local book store, Slate’s Jessica Grose read it so you don’t have to. According to her, it’s safe to say that America by Heart won’t become a feminist classic any time soon: More »

The Recession Hit Women the Hardest — But We’re Still Going Green

The Recession Hit Women the Hardest â But We're Still Going Green

Yesterday, the White House released the report “Jobs and Economic Security for America’s Women,” which explained how women have felt the most dramatic effects of the recession. Since December 2007, women have lost 2.6 million jobs, yet have also become more responsible for bringing home the bacon — four out of ten women are the primary earners for their households. And for women whose salary is the only source of income in the household? The unemployment rate is 13.6%, the highest in 25 years. More »

There’s a Scientific Reason We’d Rather Lounge After Sex Than Eat

There's a Scientific Reason We'd Rather Lounge After Sex Than Eat

Check out this post from Julieanne Smolinski at Lemondrop.

After sex, would you rather have deep conversation, or a deep-dish pizza?

It may depend on your gender — and, you know, Darwin.

A new survey from Albright College asked 170 men and women about their post-coital behavior. Women seemed to prefer let’s-just-lay-here-for-awhile activities like kissing and chatting, while men seemed eager to leap out of bed and start, um, drinking. More »