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Help! There’s A Man In My Yoga Class!

Help! There's A Man In My Yoga Class!

Although most beginner yoga classes are open to any person, regardless of their athletic ability or background, it seems like every class I take is all-female. And when I recently went into a class where there were fifteen women and one man, several women in the class were visibly uncomfortable by the guy’s presence, even moving their mats away from him so they wouldn’t get assigned to partner exercises with him. The guy did and said nothing to give a bad impression of himself, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen women get uncomfortable having a lone guy in the class. I polled a few yogis – male and female – to get their stories about guys in yoga studios. More »

People Magazine Is Trying To Make The Word ‘He-vage’ (Male Cleavage) Happen

People Magazine Is Trying To Make The Word 'He-vage' (Male Cleavage) Happen

Remember the scene in Mean Girls where head Mean Girl Regina snaps at Gretchen, “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen”? Coining a new slang word isn’t always as easy as merely thinking it up. Today’s “huh?” neologism is from “he-vage.” That means “man cleavage.” Showing that’s it not enough to objectify the breasts of female celebrities, People now hones in on the chests of male celebrities and either mocks them for having too much skin or fat there or objectifies them for having nice muscles. More »

The Social Animal: Why You Don’t Want To Marry An Alpha Male

The Social Animal: Why You Don't Want To Marry An Alpha Male

I received three bags of hate mail after last week’s column and its intimation that women may, in fact, be worse drivers than men. (Yes, in my imagination my fan mail still arrives via the post office, in big canvas sacks. (And yes, in my imagination I receive fan mail.)) You might think, then, that I’d stay away from potentially incendiary gender-difference topics this week. You, of course, would be wrong. Probably because you’re a woman. Kidding! No, you’d be wrong because I don’t shy away from anything here at “The Social Animal.” More »

Crimes of Passion: Why Men Say “I Love You” For The Wrong Reasons

Crimes of Passion: Why Men Say "I Love You" For The Wrong Reasons

Recently, figures were released suggesting that men are more likely to say “I love you” first in a relationship than women, which was surprising, as it is traditionally thought that women raise the topic first. However now we know why, and it seems the motives behind the emotion are less than romantic. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men were saying those three little words earlier for — you guessed it — sex. For knockin’ boots. The horizontal mambo. The beast with two backs. That’s right ladies, he’s not swept up in your glory, he just wants to get in your glory box. More »

Independence In Marriage Is Overrated

Independence In Marriage Is Overrated

A recent New York Times Modern Love essay “Honey, Let’s Get a Little Divorced” by Rachel Zucker, was well-written and poetic, which makes sense, because the author is a published writer and poet. But I have issues with her column. I’m very glad that Ms. Zucker and her husband have outlasted the marriages of both their divorced parents. As anyone who’s ever been married for any length of time can tell you, this is an impressive achievement, to be sure. But the article’s clever angle of “let’s act a little divorced so we can become better partners” could just as easily have been couched as: “‘let’s pretend we’re both single and never got married in the first place.”

That said, I completely understand the author’s point that acting “a little divorced” may help her become more independent and her husband become a more involved father. Now, I can’t speak to the “involved father part,” because my husband and I don’t have kids. But I can address the “become more independent” aspect, and I can tell you that it’s overrated. More »