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Meltware: Extra Dishes When You’re Low on Space

Meltware: Extra Dishes When You're Low on Space

Those of us who live in apartments or houses with limited cabinet space know how frustrating it can be to have a dinner party. We don’t want to resort to wasteful paper plates, but we also don’t want to resort to being the hobo who ask her friends to bring their own dishes. That’s why we love Maaike Seegers’s idea for Meltware. If you need extra dishes, just pour hot Carnauba wax in a mold and watch your new dishes emerge. Then, after the party’s over, just melt the wax down again. More »

Hospitable Home Design for Thanksgiving: On the Couch With Apartment Therapy

Hospitable Home Design for Thanksgiving: On the Couch With Apartment Therapy

It’s the final countdown before Thanksgiving, folks. That means you need to bust out the broom, scrub down your kitchen, and make sure your table linens are ironed. Or, at least get some plastic cups for wine. Whatever your hosting style, prepping your home for Thanksgiving helps keep holiday stress at bay, so this is a good time to check in with Apartment Therapy for some good home design advice. Here are our top picks in hospitable home design from the last week: More »

Suck It, Environment: I’m Taking My Bath Back

Suck It, Environment: I'm Taking My Bath Back

Look, people. I try to be environmentally-conscious whenever and however I can. I take a lot of public transportation. I politely refuse receipts. I recycle. I set the bedroom A/C to “energy-saver.” I fall for the expensive, eco-friendly beauty and cleaning products. I use those ugly, energy-efficient light bulbs. I give stuff away instead of tossing it. I grow an herb and vegetable garden during the summer. I buy Energy-Star appliances. I severely limit pre-packaged foods and take-out meals. (Except lunches in the office. I am a terrible person.) I do all these things with you in mind. I hardly ever even do my precious favorite thing anymore: Take a bath. I’m a friggin’ saint. So please, environment, or Mother Nature, or whoever’s in charge out there, please don’t make me give that up completely. Isn’t it enough that I draw the occasional bath, and then feel really, really guilty about it? More »

Link Like: Our 5 Faves on the Web This Week

Link Like: Our 5 Faves on the Web This Week

Be a Square on 10/10/10 — And watch Powers of Ten, the cool 1968 film about scale by influential designers Charles and Ray Eames. (via GOOD)

Stephen Colbert on “Environmental Ear Pollution” (Video) — Could somebody please turn down the SunChip bags and practically silent wind turbines? (via Treehugger)

“It Gets Better” — New video project spearheaded by columnist Dan Savage following the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, to combat teen bullying, support GLBTQ youth, and prevent suicides. (via Urlesque)
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