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Why I Love Football…Despite My Worries About Football Injuries And Violence

Why I Love Football...Despite My Worries About Football Injuries And Violence

The Super Bowl is approaching, and, despite a tragic shortage of chicken wings, fans are rallying around the biggest day for the game they love. And while I’m excited, because I’m a football fan to my core, I’m also conflicted–and not just because my team didn’t make it. I’m conflicted because, between hoaxy girlfriends, the never-ending push to play with an injury, the brain damage, and the legacy of sexism, violence, and abuse, there are about a million reasons why football, as a professional sport and as an institution of higher education, should be decried by feminists, parents, concerned citizens, and generally moral human beings. More »

What Happens To Your Body When You Run, Sprint and Jog

What Happens To Your Body When You Run, Sprint and Jog

We’ve heard from trainers that a slow, 30 minute jog isn’t an effective workout; we’ve also seen spreadsheets and charts describing 30-minute workouts that involve sprinting, jogging, and even short walks. So what really happens to your body when you run long vs. short distances, at a slow or fast pace? To find out, we asked Derek Peruo , a personal trainer at Peak Performance in New York City who writes and consults for magazines like Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Men’s Health. We asked him about everything from calorie-burning to metabolism—and even things like V02 max, muscle building, and the elusive runner’s high. More »

Paralyzed Runner Sues Race Organizers For Negligence…But He Neglected To Register.

Paralyzed Runner Sues Race Organizers For Negligence...But He Neglected To Register.

Paralysis isn’t something I’d ever wish on anyone, let alone someone who’s in the process of pursuing fun and health. But I still can’t get on board with Robert A. Fecteau II, a runner who was partially paralyzed after a fall during Richmond, Virginia’s Filthy 5K Mud Run in 2010, and is now suing the race organizers for negligence. Because while his luck was nasty (and we’re not 100% on board with novelty runs, specifically because of the dangers they present), he himself neglected to register for the race. More »

‘Running Ultramarathons Gave Me Hemorrhoids. I Can’t Wait For The Next One.’

'Running Ultramarathons Gave Me Hemorrhoids. I Can't Wait For The Next One.'

When a friend put me in touch with ultramarathon-runner Zandy Mangold, I thought we’d talk about life lessons, shin splints, and maybe some bloody toenails. I didn’t think we’d end up talking about hemorrhoids. But Zandy, a New York City-based photographer who moonlights as a serious runner with three ultras under his belt (and several marathons, or “sprints” as he calls them), wants more people to know about the painful condition that he says he could have avoided had he been told about the risks prior to his last, 150-mile race in Chile. But even more surprising than hearing about his hemorrhoids was hearing that, despite the crippling pain he’s endured, he has no plans to stop traveling the world for races most people consider crazy. More »

Listening To My Body Instead Of My Bullying Yoga Teacher

Listening To My Body Instead Of My Bullying Yoga Teacher

The other day in yoga class, we were in Lizard Pose (resting on our forearms with one foot by our hands and the other leg outstretched balancing only on our toes). But, because of a stubborn Achilles injury, this particular pose (along with several others) puts a tremendous amount of strain on my heel. So, I did what any good yogi would do: I made an excuse for a bathroom break. More »

Video: Yoga Instructor Teaches With Broken Legs

Video: Yoga Instructor Teaches With Broken Legs

In today’s motivational anecdotes: Amy Keller-Bill, a yoga teacher in Utah, is teaching despite having two broken legs. She was hit by a truck over Thanksgiving weekend, breaking the tibia and fibula in both of her legs. She took some time away from the studio, but says the hardest thing about her injury was having to sit around and do nothing, so she returned to her post at the front of the class. She manages to demonstrate moves despite having rods on both sides and a plate on the left, saying that, “You think of little things that keep you from coming and working out, and they seem like minor things compared to two broken legs.” More »

Gallery: How Hollywood Glorifies Exercise Injuries

Gallery: How Hollywood Glorifies Exercise Injuries

If you’ve ever twisted your ankle on the treadmill, you know that getting injured while you exercise isn’t cool. But that’s not what Hollywood stars and films would make us think: It seems there’s always someone getting injured on set or working out so hard they need crutches, somehow making them seem “tough” or signaling dedication to their roles. We hope there aren’t producers or PR people out there telling them to get out and break a leg for publicity’s sake, but regardless of where the pressure comes from to work so hard it hurts, we don’t think it’s a good trend. More »

Serena Williams Can’t Play U.S. Open, Runner’s World Magazine Gets Makeover: Morning News Roundup

Serena Williams Can't Play U.S. Open, Runner's World Magazine Gets Makeover: Morning News Roundup

Runner’s World Magazine Gets A Makeover – Reader calls Runner’s World the “Cosmo of running”, and the editor is pissed. (Runner’s World)

Spotlight on Eggs – The latest salmonella outbreak put all eyes on food safety in the egg industry. Conclusion? Not good. (New York Times)

Serena Williams Sitting This One Out – The tennis player cut her foot on glass at a restaurant and had to pull out of the US Open. (World Tennis Magazine)

Catholics Embrace Yoga – But the real question is: How do you say “Om” in Catholic? (U.S. Catholic, via Social Workout)

How Not To Get Busted – Training for a fall 5k? Learn how not to bust your knees, ankles, and hips while you run. (FitSugar) More »