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Kelly Osbourne To Launch UK Fitness Contest…That Isn’t Terrible

Kelly Osbourne To Launch UK Fitness Contest...That Isn't Terrible

Kelly Osbourne is looking to become a weight loss guru. Ozzy Osbourne‘s daughter has recently been in the news for her svelte figure (which is apparently NOT due to eating food off of differently-colored plates, although it’s still a scientifically-sound strategy) is launching a fitness contest for residents of the UK. She’s teaming up with the producers of the British show Daybreak in order to find three overweight Britons in need of weight-loss help. And it actually sounds like a good example of a celebrity weight-loss contest. More »

Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Strategy: Don’t Eat Food That’s The Same Color As Your Plate

Kelly Osbourne's Weight Loss Strategy: Don't Eat Food That's The Same Color As Your Plate

Kelly Osbourne‘s been getting a lot of attention for her weight loss recently. It’s no secret that she’s struggled with her weight for years, but it looks like she’s finally at a place where she feels happy and healthy. Kelly once said her weight-loss strategy was eating whatever she wants, but it sounds like she has a new one: She only eats food that’s a different color than her plate. Huh? More »

Kelly Osbourne’s Weight-Loss Strategy: Right or Wrong?

Kelly Osbourne's Weight-Loss Strategy: Right or Wrong?

I never thought I’d say this, but hooray for Kelly Osbourne!

The 26-year-old reality star who lost over 40 pounds this year says her secret to staying slim is eating whatever she wants. “I’ll eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and if that means I have to work out an extra half-hour, then I’ll do it,” she recently told People. “I won’t ever deny myself food because…I’m never going to be the skinniest girl in the room, so I don’t [care]!” More »

Celebrity Surgery: Hollywood’s Year In Health

Celebrity Surgery: Hollywood's Year In Health

This week, 30 Rock comedian Tracy Morgan revealed that he’d had a kidney transplant earlier this month. He’s said to be doing well, but Morgan is hardly the first celeb to suffer health problems this year. A slew of other famous folk have survived major health threats in the last twelve months — and have gone under the knife to remedy of a variety of ailments. More »