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Celeb Diet Overload: What A Woman Really Wants In A Weight-Loss Commercial

Celeb Diet Overload: What A Woman Really Wants In A Weight-Loss Commercial

Even before the new year officially kicked off, we started getting bombarded with ads from all the major weight-loss programs telling us: “Believe in miracles”, “Get on it” and “You can make it”. First Jennifer Hudson appeared as the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers showing off her new and old body as they sang a duet on stage. Then Janet Jackson came on the scene endorsing Nutrisystem and telling us how their new Success program will work for anyone. And finally, Mariah Carey appeared showing off her post-pregnancy body by rocking a tube top and a slit-so-high-you-could-see-her-thigh skirt for Jenny Craig. While all of these ads are somewhat amusing to watch (at least the first time), after the third–or ninety-third–time, the only way you can make it through is to start designing your own ideal weight-loss ad in your head.

Here’s what I came up with: More »

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Talks Prove America’s Bipolar Approach To Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers Talks Prove America's Bipolar Approach To Pregnancy

First, Jessica Simpson said her decision not to be anorexic has been great for branding; now, she’s planning to cash in on her post-baby weight loss with Weight Watchers. The 31-year-old actress is negotiating a $4 million deal to be Weight Watchers’ next celebrity spokesperson. It’s sad that Simpson seems to view her body and health as nothing more than a PR pawn, but what’s more disturbing to me is the fact that America has developed a bizarre bipolar approach to pregnancy. When it comes to our weight and bodies, all signs indicate that we don’t know what to expect when we’re expecting.

US Weekly says Simpson’s pregnancy was a positive thing for her talks with Weight Watchers. Now, instead of just losing the pounds she’s gained in recent years, she’ll have baby weight to lose More »

Mariah Carey’s Jenny Craig Commercial: Weight-Loss Inspiration Gone Wrong

Mariah Carey's Jenny Craig Commercial: Weight-Loss Inspiration Gone Wrong

Yesterday, we commended Amy Adams for being comfortable with her post-baby muffin top; meanwhile, Mariah Carey is showing off her “new body” in Jenny Craig commercials. As their newest spokesperson, she’s been busy talking about how she dropped her baby weight with regular exercise and a diet of 1,500 calories a day. We’ve been feeling slightly sketched out by her body-negative pregnancy accounts (then again, who are we to criticize her for admitting that pregnancy isn’t always fun), but we definitely feel weird about her body in this commercials. If it’s really even her body? More »

Mariah Carey Lost Her Pregnancy Weight With Jenny Craig; Now She’s Their Spokeswoman

Mariah Carey Lost Her Pregnancy Weight With Jenny Craig; Now She's Their Spokeswoman

Mariah Carey has lost her pregnancy weight, dropping about 30 pounds thanks to Jenny Craig (the weight loss program formerly known as Jenny Craig), according to news reports announcing that she’ll also be the company’s new celebrity spokeswoman. She’s publicly struggled with her weight in recent years, reportedly trying crash diets like the Master Cleanse that have set her the yo-yo track. But she says thanks to “Jenny,” as the company’s now calling itself, she feels better than ever, despite her tough pregnancy with twins Monroe and Moroccan. More »

Holiday Baking: Top Celebrity Cookie Recipes

Holiday Baking: Top Celebrity Cookie Recipes

Why do cookie recipes that come from celebrities taste better? Everything tastes better when it’s famous, right? While Mariah Carey’s not exactly a top chef, we figure that if a starlet’s going to break routine and indulge in something as sugary and fattening as cookies, the recipe has to be pretty damn good. (After all, people like Michelle Obama, Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Eva Longoria Parker don’t get to look that way because they pig out on mediocre baked goods.) More »