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GMO Marijuana: One Man’s Buzzkill, Another’s Miracle Drug?

GMO Marijuana: One Man's Buzzkill, Another's Miracle Drug?

Anyone who’s been lobbying to legalize marijuana might be excited to know that scientists at a startup biotech company, Medicinal Genomics, have completed the DNA sequence for marijuana (or Cannabis sativa, as it’s called in the labs). But there’s a catch: Their goal isn’t to produce the next best Purple Haze, it’s to eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) its mind-altering elements and produce a strain that’s better-suited to treating pain and aiding treatment of diseases like cancer. More »

Morning Links: Researchers Repair Spinal Damage With Spaghetti

Morning Links: Researchers Repair Spinal Damage With Spaghetti

Alterna-Valentine – Tara Stiles think you should skip the chocolate and give yoga for Valentine’s Day. Can we keep the roses? (MindBodyGreen)

The Bucatini Project – No, this isn’t a new season of Top Chef. Italian researchers are using pasta-shaped implants to repair spinal damage in rats, and they’re hoping to get the same results in humans. (Fast Company)

Whole Foods Donates Salad Bars – The grocery chain is showing their commitment to healthy kids by donating over 500 salad bars to schools as part of their salad bar project. (Eater) More »