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Study Says Brain Function Declines At Age 45; Possibly Explaining John McCain’s Recent ‘Senior Moment’

Study Says Brain Function Declines At Age 45; Possibly Explaining John McCain's Recent 'Senior Moment'

We used to think that we had a lot longer before we had to worry about those embarrassing “Now why did I come in here?” and “What was I going to say?” and in the case of John McCain, “Who was I endorsing?” moments. That’s because scientists used to say our mental abilities didn’t start to deteriorate until age 60. But now there’s new research out about the declining state of our brains at the not-so-old age of just 45. Gads. More »

Light Up Your Memory, Not A Cigarette—Quitting Smoking Boosts Recall Function

Light Up Your Memory, Not A CigaretteâQuitting Smoking Boosts Recall Function

Add decreased memory function to the list of health ailments that smoking can cause: A new study shows smokers have worse memories than non-smokers. Ditching the cigarettes, however, could bring back some of that memory function. On a practical recall test, people who had quit smoking for a few years performed 25% better than current smokers; people who had never smoked scored 37% better. More »

Your Brain On Exercise—And Finally Remembering Where You Put Your Keys

Your Brain On ExerciseâAnd Finally Remembering Where You Put Your Keys

We’ve all had those sudden realizations that we’re getting older: We’re chatting with a friend, and suddenly we can’t remember the name of her kids or the street she lived on. “Oh crap, Im losing my mind,” is far more scary than realizing that you’ve put on five pounds. As many of us in our 30s and 40s well know, you don’t have to be elderly to experience these sometimes embarrassing and disconcerting moments. We can chalk it up to stress, sleeplessness, distraction, and now researchers say, a lack of something as simple as walking. More »

Study: Celery Can Improve Your Memory

Study: Celery Can Improve Your Memory

If you can’t currently remember why you walked into the room, where you put your iPhone or what that person’s name is (for the sixth time), scientists have said you can blame it on aging, depression and even your body shape. Whatever the cause, losing your mind is a bitch. But according to a new study, improving your memory can be as simple as opening your refrigerator. More »

Study: Alcohol Doesn’t Kill Brain Cells After All (But It’ll Still Make You Dumb)

Study: Alcohol Doesn't Kill Brain Cells After All (But It'll Still Make You Dumb)

You know how a night of heavy drinking can leave you foggy the next day? Not only is your head throbbing and your stomach swirling, but you can’t remember a damn thing. The old theory was that you must have killed a lot of brain cells. Why else would we be acting so stupid, right? Turns out, we didn’t lose any of our precious brain parts — we just doused them with so much booze that they stopped working for a while. More »