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Author Alison Dotson Tells Blisstree The Truth About OCD—And If Girls Gets It Right

Author Alison Dotson Tells Blisstree The Truth About OCDâAnd If Girls Gets It Right

There’s been a flurry of attention about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, lately, largely because the HBO show Girls. Hannah Horvath, the character played by Lena Dunham, has struggled with the disorder for the past few episodes, making OCD a topic of conversation for bloggers, critics and casual viewers alike. While some critics have called the appearance of OCD in Hannah’s life unbelievable, others have praised the show for its nuanced, realistic portrayal of a young woman with the anxiety disorder. To learn even more about what it’s like to live with this condition, we talked to Alison Dotson, author of Being Me with OCD: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My Life, a book for teens due out this October. Alison tells us more about life as a young woman with OCD (and no, it’s not all hand washing and light flicking). More »

I Was Orthorexic, And I Didn’t Even Know It

I Was Orthorexic, And I Didnât Even Know It

Sometimes there’s a thin line between healthy and unhealthy behavior. And one day in my early twenties, I realized I’d stepped over it. I suffered from anorexia after college—back then I obsessively monitored food labels to make sure my meals added up to less than 800 calories per day. I’d left that nonsense behind years ago. But there I was standing alone in a Martha’s Vineyard grocery store aisle, agonizing over the nutritional content of various tortilla wraps while my friends breezed by, talking and laughing and loading their communal cart with burgers and chips and macaroni.

Sure, instead of obsessing over calorie and fat content I was carefully examining the ingredient

lists of each brand. But it still felt disturbingly familiar.

Was it? More »

Catherine Zeta-Jones Open About Mental Illness, Other Celebs Not So Much

Catherine Zeta-Jones Open About Mental Illness, Other Celebs Not So Much

Catherine Zeta-Jones released a statement yesterday, announcing that she not only has Bipolar II Disorder, but that she also recently sought treatment at a mental health care facility in the wake of hubby Michael Douglas’ cancer scare. Good on her for being so forthcoming – usually, celebrities go to exorbitant lengths to hide their illnesses from the public which, in most cases, is a recipe for disaster. Hollywood just can’t keep secrets today like it could 20 years ago. TMZ, Perez Hilton, and the 24-hour AP newswire all have insiders and whistleblowers informing them of every celebrity hang-nail, papercut, bunion and sniffle. But Zeta-Jones has effectively issued a preemptive strike against speculation by just owning up to the truth of her situation. More »