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Yeah, Schools Shouldn’t Be Sending Letters About Students’ Weight

Yeah, Schools Shouldn't Be Sending Letters About Students' Weight

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t think schools have any business informing parents that their children are overweight. Kristen Grasso, a mom in Naples, Fla., likely agrees with me, considering that she informed her local news station when her 5’5, 124 lb, 11-year-old daughter was sent home with a letter saying that she’s overweight.
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Don’t Think Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight? Watch Arthur Boorman’s Amazing Story

Don't Think Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight? Watch Arthur Boorman's Amazing Story

You may have heard about Arthur Boorman. He’s the disabled vet who learned to walk again by taking up yoga. As if that wasn’t incredible enough, now the YouTube sensation is back and reporting that he’s lost 140 pounds by practicing yoga–all because he found hope and health from former professional wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Page and his yoga DVDs. More »