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Telling Me How Unhealthy & Fattening Your Food Is While I Eat It Is Kind Of A Killjoy

Telling Me How Unhealthy & Fattening Your Food Is While I Eat It Is Kind Of A Killjoy

I recently moved back to New York City, and as I was walking around waiting to meet some friends I came across Rice to Riches, where I’d been once a while back and remembered liking. The place is like an ice cream parlor for rice pudding: Rum raisin, cheesecake, butter pecan, pumpkin — a couple dozen flavors of rice pudding, but that’s all it sells. And what somehow escaped my attention last time was that the places is covered in signs about how fattening rice pudding is. More »

Good News For Horny Olympians: Sex Won’t Hurt Athletic Performance

Good News For Horny Olympians: Sex Won't Hurt Athletic Performance

For some reason, this summer’s Olympic games have attracted a fair amount of prurient attention, beginning with an ESPN Magazine article on debaucherous Olympic Village sexcapades and followed-up by a bevy of breathless blog coverage. Many cited the centuries-old myth that abstinent athletes perform better, and wondered whether all the free love in London was bad for the games. Well good news, sports fans: It’s not. Studies show having sex has no effect on physical strength, power or endurance. More »

Why Weight Loss Has Little To Do With What You Eat

Why Weight Loss Has Little To Do With What You Eat

Therapist, author and eating disorders expert, Dr. Judi Hollis makes an attention-getting argument in her new book, From Bagels to Buddha, How I Found My Soul and Lost My Fat. She says permanent weight loss has very little to do with what you eat. Instead, as she discovered personally on her journey to losing 70 pounds and keeping them off, it’s not about changing your diet at all. Go inward, clean up your act, and that will clean up your eating, she says. More »

Study Says Fat, Sad Americans Suffer ‘Excessive Daytime Sleepiness’—Here’s How To Fight It

Study Says Fat, Sad Americans Suffer 'Excessive Daytime Sleepiness'âHere's How To Fight It

Yet another modern-day syndrome is plaguing Americans, say researchers: excessive daytime sleepiness. (Must be why those 24-hour energy drinks won’t go away.) And they say the two main causes are a) being fat, and b) being sad. Which means…you can’t solve this problem with sleep! Because you’re fat! Other studies have linked obesity to sleep apnea (a sleep disorder that causes disturbed sleep and, likely, a resulting drowsiness), but this one doesn’t actually prove how depression or obesity actually cause a midday dip in wakefulness; it just leaps to yet another conclusion that being fat and sad are probably the reason that the rest of your life sucks. More »

What Your Choice In ‘Toxic Men’ Says About You

What Your Choice In 'Toxic Men' Says About You

Some guys are narcissists, some are self-centered, and some are controlling—even to the point of wanting authority over where you live, eat, and who you socialize with. Some don’t know how to express their feelings or be there for you emotionally. What do they all have in common? They are potentially toxic men, according to Dr. Lillian Glass, psychologist and author of Toxic Men: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable. More »

Daily Mail Writer Samantha Brick’s Relative Beauty Isn’t The Point

Daily Mail Writer Samantha Brick's Relative Beauty Isn't The Point

What’s up with Samantha Brick? Is she a savvy writer who wanted the attention she knew her recent Daily Mail article would spark? Or a raging narcissist who wanted the attention she knew it would spark? The 41-year-old British woman—who lamented the burdens of being too beautiful, getting too much attention from men and having women hate her out of jealousy—has become a top keyword search and a topic of discussion on “The View.” But on TV and online, much of the sometimes-vicious criticism is aimed not at Brick’s obnoxious attitude but at her looks. More »