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Working Out Won’t Save Your Butt From Cancer

Working Out Won't Save Your Butt From Cancer

Now there’s even more evidence that desk jobs are bad for your health. A new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology posits that people who drive a desk for more than a decade are 94% more likely to suffer a tumour in the bowel. 94%! That more than doubles your risk of bowel cancer. To add insult to injury, the study also found that those who kept fit, exercised regularly, and enjoyed leisure time activities, in no way reduced their chances of getting a bowel tumour. “Even a high level of vigorous recreational physical activity did not modify the effect of sedentary work,” the researchers from the University of Western Australia wrote in their findings.

Did you get that folks? Sit on your ass, you’re gonna get cancer. Workout and exercise daily, you’re gonna get cancer. Fan-bloody-tastic. More »

Odds Are Your Birth Control Pill Won’t Cause Gallstones, New Studies Be Damned

Odds Are Your Birth Control Pill Won't Cause Gallstones, New Studies Be Damned

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal this week states that some of the newest and most popular oral contraceptives, including the drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol combo marketed as “Yaz,” could have a scary side effect. According to study author Mahyar Etminan (PharmD, MSc), of the University of British Columbia, data taken from nearly three million women who were on a pill combining ethinyl estradiol combined with one of seven progestins indicates that a small, but significant risk of having gallstones was found. A “small but significant” risk? What does that mean? How small and how significant are we talking? Should we be worried? More »

Curvy Models Won’t Make You Fat, But Idiot Researchers Will Make You Angry

Curvy Models Won't Make You Fat, But Idiot Researchers Will Make You Angry

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research posits that fashion models with more generous curves could trigger binge eating in women, and induce a lapse in health commitments. The authors claim that by including catwalk models with more voluptuous figures, we’ll neglect our weight-loss goals, causing more of us to chunkify. We’ve all heard the debate that stick-thin, size zero fashion models promote unhealthy eating habits amongst impressionable young girls. After several high-profile deaths and the frequency of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, the fashion industry was taken to task to promote a more healthy body image on the runway and in photo spreads. As a result, models with more womanly curves and average body-weights have been employed. But now, this highly desired change in the industry is incredulously shouldering the blame for female obesity levels. Does anybody else want to punch out their computer screen after reading that, or is it just me? More »

Drug Debate: Safe Injection Sites Save Lives and Piss Off Neighbors

Drug Debate: Safe Injection Sites Save Lives and Piss Off Neighbors

Vancouver has consistently been voted one of the top cities in the world in which to live by the United Nations, but like any thriving metropolis, it has its problems. If you’ve ever wandered around East Hastings street, the prevalence of the indigent, unemployed, homeless, and drug addicts is readily apparent. Which is why in 2003 Vancouver opened North America’s only Safe Injection Facility (SIF), a site where drug users can inject their pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of healthcare professionals who provide sterile syringes. The doctors and nurses on site also provide referrals to primary health services, and provide emergency treatment in the event of an overdose. Sounds to me like a brilliant solution to prevent unnecessary deaths, and ideally, curb drug usage, even if SIF’s exist in a somewhat legal-loophole to Canada’s drug laws. In fact, I think SIFs should be located in all major cities where needed. But not everyone agrees with me, and the controversy is rippling across Canada to the nation’s biggest city, Toronto. More »

Don’t Hire Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful: New Study Says Attractive Women Are Overlooked For Jobs

Don't Hire Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful: New Study Says Attractive Women Are Overlooked For Jobs

Remember when we were told that attractive people tend to achieve greater success in the workplace than the average-looking employee? I never really bought that assessment. As someone who doesn’t exactly have a problem getting dates, I always found the pleasing attention my looks garnered were a hindrance when it came to gaining respect amongst my colleagues. Now, according to a new study published by the Royal Economic Society, my instincts were pretty spot-on. More »

You Won’t Get Diabetes From Diet Soda; You’ll Be Too Busy With Your Heart Attack

You Won't Get Diabetes From Diet Soda; You'll Be Too Busy With Your Heart Attack

Huzzah! Caramel-colored-cola-consumers and fizzy-drink-fans, BEHOLD. Harvard University researchers recently published a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, claiming that diets that allow artificially sweetened diet soda won’t increase chances of diabetes, as previously assumed. LET US REJOICE. For I have tasted the carbonated pop of epic tastiness, and it was good. The gospels have revealed the glorious news, I’m gonna testify.

Except that it was only a few months ago when the American Stroke Association revealed that Diet Soda consumption leads to a 61% higher risk of heart attack and stroke. More »

According to Blisstree Women, Saying “I Love You” First Is Cliché

According to Blisstree Women, Saying "I Love You" First Is Cliché

Relationship dynamics are a-changing. Lovertines these days are less concerned with the right time to profess their undying devotion in the course of the relationship, and more concerned with who will succumb and say it first. Those three little words seem to weigh heavily on everyone’s mind.

What if you say it and they don’t say it back? What if they say it to you and you’re just not ready yet? If you’re the first to admit the L-O-V-E, does that mean you’ve given your partner all the status in the relationship? These questions used to be seen as something only women thought about, but a new study published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that not only are men preoccupied with these questions, they are statistically more likely to be the first ones in the relationship to actually say “I love you.” Does that come as a surprise to you? Not to me, it doesn’t. I absolutely refuse to tell a man “I love you” first, and I’m not alone. More »

Male Birth Control: Not Just for Sissies and Pansies Anymore

Male Birth Control: Not Just for Sissies and Pansies Anymore

At a recent lecture at the British Sociological Association, Dr. Susan Walker, Senior Lecturer in Sexual Health at Anglia Ruskin University, revealed that only 50% of people surveyed in her recent study said they would use the male version of the birth control pill. I get why women would be hesitant to leave their contraception in the hands of their mate, but the more surprising bit of info had to do with men thinking that taking a pill would make them feel less “like a man.” Here’s something that should make men feel less manly: accidentally knocking a chick up because they couldn’t be bothered to think in advance about sex. More »

Going Vegetarian For Your Cataracts Is Doing It Wrong

Going Vegetarian For Your Cataracts Is Doing It Wrong

As a vegetarian, any opportunity to promote a meatless diet amongst my peers is usually seized with pleasure (just ask my friends, they are sick of me talking about this already). Vegetarian and vegan diets are no longer relegated to the realm of hippies, crumbums, and surfer-dudes. Its mainstream acceptance has permeated Hollywood, with many celebrities going veg. (We even won a big name back to the fold from veganism recently – Natalie Portman announced this week that she’s going back to vegetarian during her pregnancy). The benefits of vegetarianism range from a longer life and lower risk of heart disease to weight loss and even reversing diabetes. And a new survey from Reuters, indicating that a vegetarian diet could reduce the chances of developing cataracts, seems to fit well within my personal anti-carnivore agenda. Remember when your mom told you to eat your carrots because they’re good for your eyes? Turns out that theory has merit. Oh, the benefits galore.

But wait, there’s another study that says the exact opposite. More »

Pills Rejected By The FDA Are Not the Answer for Weight-Loss

Pills Rejected By The FDA Are Not the Answer for Weight-Loss

Weight loss is long, slow process that most of us at some point in our lives will have to deal with. Since it takes such a short time to pack on the pounds, and an exponentially longer time to lose them again, our quick-fix society is always looking for easy and painless methods to drop a size without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, the medical community is well aware of our collective neuroses and will do anything to sell us those easy weight-loss drugs . . . even if the drugs aren’t fit for consumption. Most of us will do anything to lose weight quickly and easily, but will you go so far as to take FDA rejected drugs? More »