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Rethinking Skim Milk: Low Fat Doesn’t Necessarily Mean More Nutritious

Rethinking Skim Milk: Low Fat Doesn't Necessarily Mean More Nutritious

It seems obvious: Swapping skim milk for 2% or whole milk is the healthy decision. After all, skim milk contains the same nutrients as the full-fat stuff, but with less calories and less fat. But the diet dairy choice might not be as good for you as it was once thought. A number of nutritionists, researchers and health experts have begun making the case that whole milk is the most nutritious dairy milk option. Here are three reasons why you might want to rethink skim milk. More »

Margarine Is Lower in Fat, But Butter’s Still Better

Margarine Is Lower in Fat, But Butter's Still Better

At home this past weekend, I was presented with two ‘butter’ options for my corn-on-the-cob: Smart Balance or Country Crock. To my mother, Olive Oil is a character from Popeye; cooking is done with butter — or, actually, that’s margarine. Growing up, I didn’t know the difference, because margarine was referred to as ‘butter’ in our house and it was all we used (I did wonder, though, why the neighborhood Italian restaurant’s butter tasted so much better). Since then, through some channels of nutritional osmosis, I’ve come to believe that: a) no butter is best, but b) real butter is better than ‘buttery spread,’ and c) if you are going to eat buttery spread (i.e., margarine), some brands (such as Smart Balance) are way better than others. I have no real basis for any of these beliefs, though—so I was psyched to see nutritionist Nicci Minni from Eating Well tackle the butter v. margarine question yesterday. More »

Coconut Oil Is Healthy, Says New York Times

Coconut Oil Is Healthy, Says New York Times

Coconut oil tastes great in vegan baked goods and makes many a raw food recipe possible, but many doctors warn against the oil for its high (cholesterol-raising) saturated fat content, banishing the stuff to the back of the cupboards. Luckily for us Babycakes fans, the New York Times says those doctors weren’t all right: They say coconut oil is now a health food, thanks to scientists who’ve shown that the saturated fats in virgin coconut oil aren’t as bad for you as other saturated fats. More »