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Health Today: The Best (And Worst) Sleeping Positions

Health Today: The Best (And Worst) Sleeping Positions

Know which sleeping positions are the best and worst for you. -Greatist

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How to Solve Your Problems While You Sleep

How to Solve Your Problems While You Sleep

Dream Doctor Kelly Sullivan Walden has some thoughts on how important dreams and dream recall can be to your health.

It doesn’t seem so strange that most artists I know are avid dreamers. Perhaps by virtue of their profession (and ability to wake up leisurely in the afternoon without the blaring sounds of an alarm) they have a natural respect for dreams. However, it is the logical people in my life — the math professors, accountants, lawyers, and suit-and-tie wearing professionals who get up at the crack of dawn with an earth-shattering alarm who don’t seem to recall their dreams, nor do they seem to put much stock in them.

But we all dream, and we all have problems. In fact, one way of looking at life is that it is a constant stream of problems to solve (or, for the Pollyannas of the world, we call them “opportunities”). And don’t we all want to be better problem solvers? Wouldn’t being an expert problem solver make even the most logic-based among us more peaceful and productive? More »