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10 Healthy, Sustainable New Year’s Food Resolutions

10 Healthy, Sustainable New Year's Food Resolutions

By now you know how we feel about New Year’s Resolutions (we don’t buy into them), but we really do want to eat smarter, better, and more sustainably in 2011 — and we think you should join us. So we asked our friend Denise Warren — who with her husband Tom, owns and operates Stone & Thistle Farm, an organic meat, poultry, and goat’s milk farm in the Catskills region of upstate New York — about her personal food goals (don’t say “resolutions”!) for the New Year. (Denise also writes about all aspects of family farm life on her blog Farm and Fable Musings; and Stone & Thistle offers overnight farm stays and restaurant-like suppers on weekends.) Here are her eight hard-core food, health, and environmental challenges for 2011:

1. Host a pantry swap in April so that ten years from now there won’t be ten-year-old pickled cauliflower in my canning cupboard.

2. Buy a milking cow so I don’t have to buy milk from the grocery store or bribe my family to drink goat’s milk.

3. Plant more exotic greens and edible flowers in the garden. More »

3 Ways to Prevent a Fall Stress-Fest

3 Ways to Prevent a Fall Stress-Fest

We’re looking forward to getting back to routine after a fun – but hectic – summer, but one thing we’re not looking forward to? The return of high-stress workdays and loss of carefree summer days. We plan to get our butts to some yoga classes here and there for some relaxing Shavasanas, but we’re also going to keep the following advice in mind, from Well + Good NYC. They talked to Jill Satterfield, founder of Vajra Yoga in New York, to get the following three ways to hold onto summer bliss: More »