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Death By Sucralose: I’m Addicted To Artificial Sweeteners

Death By Sucralose: I'm Addicted To Artificial Sweeteners

I live, by all intents and purposes, an extremely healthy lifestyle. I exercise daily, I eat only nutritionally-dense, vitamin-rich foods and refrain from junk at all costs. But most of all, I have no vices whatsoever. Swearsies. I have always refrained from drinking, smoking, doing drugs, eating meat, having dairy, and drinking coffee. Ask anyone.

That is, until last year, when that final vice – the delicious caffeinated brown beverages of the Colombian variety – finally popped my vice-cherry (so to speak). So naturally, I sweetened the coffee with the artificial varieties available at the cafés.

And now I’m addicted.

And what’s worse, I know this stuff is killing me. More »