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Death By Sucralose: I’m Addicted To Artificial Sweeteners

Death By Sucralose: I'm Addicted To Artificial Sweeteners

I live, by all intents and purposes, an extremely healthy lifestyle. I exercise daily, I eat only nutritionally-dense, vitamin-rich foods and refrain from junk at all costs. But most of all, I have no vices whatsoever. Swearsies. I have always refrained from drinking, smoking, doing drugs, eating meat, having dairy, and drinking coffee. Ask anyone.

That is, until last year, when that final vice Рthe delicious caffeinated brown beverages of the Colombian variety Рfinally popped my vice-cherry (so to speak). So naturally, I sweetened the coffee with the artificial varieties available at the caf̩s.

And now I’m addicted.

And what’s worse, I know this stuff is killing me. More »