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New Taco Bell Dollar Menu Is Reminder That ‘Value Menus’ Are Generally Devoid Of Value

New Taco Bell Dollar Menu Is Reminder That 'Value Menus' Are Generally Devoid Of Value

Large fast food chains are in constant competition for the money of each other’s customers, so they’re always coming out with new ways to get ahead of the game, such as decreasing the already suspiciously low prices or coming out with depressingly unhealthy, gimmicky menu items. In order to compete with the terribly popular Dollar Menu at McDonald’s, make-believe-Mexican chain Taco Bell has debuted its own similar list of value options. More »

Taco Bell’s “Artisan” Cantina Bell Menu Is Coming–And It Might Not Be That Unhealthy

Taco Bell's "Artisan" Cantina Bell Menu Is Coming--And It Might Not Be That Unhealthy

In the 10 weeks since Taco Bell unleashed the Doritos Los Taco on the world (you know, the taco inside a shell made of Doritos), over 100 million of the orange abominations have been sold, breaking the fast food chain’s record for most popular new item. But apparently, Taco Bell is still concerned that there are consumers that they’re not reaching–so they’re going the opposite direction, with a new line of fancy, “artisan” grub, called the Cantina Bell menu, which will debut nation-wide in about a month. And here’s the kicker: it might actually not be that bad. More »

Nutrition Showdown: Best & Worst Picks From Taco Bell, Qdoba And Chipotle

Nutrition Showdown: Best & Worst Picks From Taco Bell, Qdoba And Chipotle

Taco Bell rolled out its new ‘Doritos Locos’ tacos this week (only nacho-cheese flavored shells for now, but don’t you fret, cool ranch shells are in the works). I ranted a little about the Doritos tacos last month, which got us here at Blisstree wondering how Taco Bell tacos and burritos compare with those of fast-food Tex-Mex competitors like Chipotle and Qdoba. Chipotle seems like the healthiest choice, with its commitment to fresh vegetables, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and sustainability. But in terms of fat, calories and sodium content, does Chipotle come out ahead? Let’s compare! More »

Watch Stephen Colbert Mock Taco Bell’s ‘Fourth Meal’ And Calorie-Restricted Candy

Watch Stephen Colbert Mock Taco Bell's 'Fourth Meal' And Calorie-Restricted Candy

Between Taco Bell‘s “Fourth Meal” and Mars’ new calorie-restricted candy bars, America seems pretty confused about how to eat. But leave it to Stephen Colbert to make our depressing problems with food funny: On the “Thought For Food” segment of the Colbert Report last night, he grilled all kinds of food marketing ploys—from “responsible snacking” to made up fast food meals. More »

Taco Bell’s Cocky New “Live Mas” Slogan: An Embarrassing Celebration Of Fast Food

Taco Bell's Cocky New "Live Mas" Slogan: An Embarrassing Celebration Of Fast Food

First, they released a new breakfast menu that was practically designed to offend nutritionists; then they started making taco shells out of Doritos. So it’s no surprise that Taco Bell is swapping out its old slogan for a new one—”Live Mas” (as in, “big” in Spanish)—that brazenly celebrates big, bad-for-you food. The slogan is just a part of the fast food chain’s effort to recover fledgling sales, and it also seems to be part of a wider movement in food marketing that gives an F-You to health concerns, favoring a cocky “bigger is better” attitude. More »

Video: Taco Bell Promises It Uses Real Beef; Offers Customers 88 Cent Tacos

Video: Taco Bell Promises It Uses Real Beef; Offers Customers 88 Cent Tacos

Some of us were glad to hear that Taco Bell might not be serving real meat, but in general, most patrons of the Tex-Mex chain were freaked out by the Alabama lawsuit that claimed their “meat filling” was only 36% beef. In a mad effort to reclaim their name in ground beef, Taco Bell has released a new YouTube video to refute the accusations and placate customers with a gimmicky deal: Their meat is 88% beef, and for any takers, they’re selling their Crunchwrap Supreme (normally $2.39) for just 88 cents. More »

False Advertising: Taco Bell’s “Beef” Is Only 36% Beef

False Advertising: Taco Bell's "Beef" Is Only 36% Beef

We’ve griped about the anatomy of a McRib before (their rib-shaped meat mixture is really not the kind of “ribs” that we grew up with), but Taco Bell’s ground “beef” is so suspect, it’s cause for a full-on lawsuit. In fact, the stuff that fills your fast food taco only contains 36% beef, according to the Alabama law firm that’s suing the company for false advertising.

The USDA classifies beef as: “chopped fresh and/or frozen beef with or without seasoning and without the addition of beef fat as such, shall not contain more than 30 percent fat, and shall not contain added water, phosphates, binders, or extenders.” So what have you been eating in your double “beef” burritos? According to Taco Bell’s “Taco Meat Filling” ingredients list, the other 64% is mostly chemicals; not a lot of recognizable ingredients More »