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Watch This: A 17-Year-Old’s Takedown of Seventeen‘s Partnership With Biggest Loser

Watch This: A 17-Year-Old's Takedown of Seventeen's Partnership With Biggest Loser

We’ve critiqued Seventeen magazine’s confusing messages about body image, weight and health before, but this message from reader Alice Wilder is especially powerful, given that she’s exactly 17, and a reader of the magazine. She’s critiquing their latest “Body Peace Treaty,” a body positive contract that encourages teens to be confident regardless of how well they conform to ridiculous body standards… and has been a major focal point of Seventeen‘s partnership with The Biggest Loser (which is tackling childhood obesity this year). More »

Teens Competing In New Season Of The Biggest Loser: Inspiring Or Unacceptable?

Teens Competing In New Season Of The Biggest Loser: Inspiring Or Unacceptable?

Have you heard that teenagers are going to be featured on the upcoming season of The Biggest Loser, starting in January? That’s right; the 14th season of the show will include three overweight people under age 18.  Why? Well, according to the trailer, because “age doesn’t matter.” One blogger, Golda Poretsky over at Body Love Wellness, is enraged at the inclusion of kids in the upcoming season, and we’re pretty concerned, too. Should minors be featured as contestants on a weight loss show? More »

‘The Biggest Loser’ & Their Childhood Obesity Press Tour Completely Ignore Body Acceptance

âThe Biggest Loserâ & Their Childhood Obesity Press Tour Completely Ignore Body Acceptance

Months ago, we learned that Jillian Michaels would be returning to The Biggest Loser to tackle a very important and delicate topic: childhood obesity. At the time, I questioned whether the show and the new mother of two would really help teens in a healthy way or just exacerbate other body image issues. Now, the press tour for the three teenagers participating in The Biggest Loser is starting, and it looks like our previous concerns were valid. In all of the talking points thrown around during the PR introductions, body acceptance is notably absent. More »

Bob Harper: How ‘Biggest Loser’ Helps Obesity Instead Of Exploiting It

Bob Harper: How 'Biggest Loser' Helps Obesity Instead Of Exploiting It

This year, more than ever, it seems like we are seeing an influx of weight-loss realty shows. Some of them are good and motivating, while others (Read: My 600 Pound Life) are just downright exploiting. To find out why there is such a dramatic upswing in this world of weight-loss TV, we talked with The Biggest Loser’s trainer, Bob Harper. Among other things, Harper told us why some of these shows work and why others don’t.
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Poll: Do You Prefer A Male Or Female Personal Trainer?

Poll: Do You Prefer A Male Or Female Personal Trainer?

Earlier this week, I wrote about The Biggest Loser, and how I was disappointed at the lack of a female personal trainer. Readers disagreed with my assertion that not offering contestants the choice of a woman to work with might hinder their success in the competition, because some women feel more comfortable and are able to reach their goals more efficiently under the supervision of another female. And while I still think it’s pretty uncool of NBC to not provide a trainer of each gender for a multitude of reasons, I did start to wonder–how many women have a preference at all? Does it even matter?

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Not Cool, NBC: Biggest Loser Debuts New Season…With No Female Trainer

Not Cool, NBC: Biggest Loser Debuts New Season...With No Female Trainer

Way back in 2011, we wished that some of TV’s unhealthiest shows, like NBC’s The Biggest Loser, which places much more emphasis on extreme weight loss and dieting, would disappear in the New Year. We didn’t get our wish, and now, The Biggest Loser returned last night for a 13th season of yelling and sweating and the occasional bouts of vomiting. But there’s something missing this season–a female personal trainer for the contestants to choose from. Really, NBC? Way to set your female participants up for success by offering someone they feel comfortable with. More »

Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper To Lay Down ‘Skinny Rules’

Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper To Lay Down 'Skinny Rules'

As reality weight-loss competition ‘The Biggest Loser’ heads into its 12th season, trainer Bob Harper is branching beyond his focus on fitness to share diet and nutrition tips with the masses, as well. Harper told the Los Angeles Times that he’s working on a book, called The Skinny Rules, which is slated to come out next May. What ‘skinny rules’ does Harper live by? More »

Snooze Button: How To Get Your ZZZ’s During Your Partner’s Snore-fest

Snooze Button: How To Get Your ZZZ's During Your Partner's Snore-fest

Ah, men. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em, right? Well it also seems we can’t get a good night’s sleep with them either. A survey conducted by the British Lung Foundation found that 41% of women cite their male partners’ snoring as the main reason they are kept up at night, resulting in sleep deprivation. According to the figures, this translates to a third of all women losing an average of three weeks’ sleep every year. I usually enjoy being kept up at night by my man, but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (wink wink). Luckily, there are ways to still get your shut-eye and save your relationship, without shaming him to the couch. More »

Jillian Watch: The Biggest Loser Trainer on Her New Book, Fertility, and Having an Obese Assistant

Jillian Watch: The Biggest Loser Trainer on Her New Book, Fertility, and Having an Obese Assistant

Even though she’s leaving The Biggest Loser after this season, we have a feeling Jillian Michaels won’t be going off the radar anytime soon. The trainer known for her brutal (and effective) workout techniques talked to The New York Times magazine about her new book, Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life, among other topics (like screaming at obese contestants, and why she’s planning to adopt instead of having her own baby). Just like when we see her on television, her interview made us squirm (discussing her obese assistant’s diet: awkward) but that’s kind of why we love her. More »

Blisstree Launches Our 40 Days Of Giveaways

Blisstree Launches Our 40 Days Of Giveaways

Today’s the first day of Lent, and for anyone who’s not religious, that means if you see people walking around with big black smudges on their foreheads, do not panic: This is normal and expected. (It’s Ash Wednesday, and the ashes come from church.) As Lenten tradition dictates, believers are supposed to give up a challenging vice from now until Easter Sunday. So are you shunning chocolate, The Biggest Loser, or sloth in general? We praise you. But Blisstree also wants to reward you for your sacrifice. (And if you’re not giving anything up, we still want to reward you.) Which is why we’re launching our very holy 40 Days of Giveaways. (Hint: Become our Facebook fan now by hitting the “Like” button.) Starting today, we’ll feature a different giveaway every weekday — for the next 40 weekdays. (Ending May 3!) New day, new giveaway prize, new winner. And 40 chances to win some cool Blisstree swag, including cookbooks, beauty products, gift cards, and more. Amen to that. More »

9 Best and Worst Weight Loss Reality TV Shows

9 Best and Worst Weight Loss Reality TV Shows

This week, the CW network debuted Shedding for the Wedding, a reality weight-loss competition that has nine overweight couples competing against each other to drop some serious pounds in the hopes of winning their dream wedding. So where does SFW fall within the great pantheon of reality weight-loss TV programming? It may be a train wreck like Celebrity Fit Club or an inspiration like Heavy. To find out, check out our gallery of the best – and worst – of nine weight-loss reality TV shows, including two toss-ups, and let us know whether or not you agree: More »

My Strange Addiction to A&E’s Reality TV Show Heavy

My Strange Addiction to A&E's Reality TV Show Heavy

I’m an addict. Deep down, everyone knows that TV addiction is certainly unhealthy, especially when the drug of choice is reality TV. But my addiction has nothing to do with hoarding, competing chefs, fashion designers, or salon owners, spoiled housewives, eating chalk, or the Kardashian family. I am addicted to Heavy, the latest weight-loss reality TV show. (This one’s on A&E.)

Of course, for years The Biggest Loser has dominated the small screen with its huge participants on NBC, and then there’s Thintervention With Jackie Warner on Bravo, which I’ve blogged about on Blisstree. But Heavy is a completely different animal.

For those of you who haven’t seen an episode of Heavy (A&E calls it a “docudrama”), it follows 22 participants (two each week) as they attempt to make serious lifestyle changes and lose a ton of weight during a six-month in-patient/out-patient treatment program. But this is no contest; there’s no money to be won, prizes to gain, or titles to claim. There are no celebrity trainers with major endorsement deals and product lines. And because of these differences, Heavy is much smarter and more sensitive and comprehensive than any other weight-loss reality TV show out there. More »