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Science Doesn’t Buy Probiotic Marketing, And You Shouldn’t Either

Science Doesn't Buy Probiotic Marketing, And You Shouldn't Either

In the past couple weeks, we’ve learned that toilet liners and food labels are full of lies. And now, Science is coming for your precious probiotics. But don’t necessarily go blaming these bacteria; the main problem is with advertisers misusing them. The thing is, studying probiotics is a complicated process, and right now what we don’t know about them outweighs what we do. More »

Snack Fail: Walgreen’s Probiotic Trail Mix

Snack Fail: Walgreen's Probiotic Trail Mix

Swayed by the site of yogurt raisins and the word ‘probiotic,’ I grabbed a bag of probiotic trail mix on my way to the Walgreen’s checkout yesterday. I know that fortified versions of high-sugar or fat foods like chocolate, trail mix, snack bars are a silly, nutritiously ineffective way to get vitamins, minerals, fish oil or probiotic bacteria. But even though I write about this kind of stuff all the time on here, I found myself thinking the probiotic trail mix couldn’t be that bad, and might even have a small health benefit. More »

Fact Or Fiction: Are Tampons Dipped In Yogurt A Natural Cure For Yeast Infections?

Fact Or Fiction: Are Tampons Dipped In Yogurt A Natural Cure For Yeast Infections?

When you write about health, friends (who assume you know what you’re talking about) come out of the woodwork with some interesting questions. One that’s come up on multiple occasions, from several friends, is: Is dipping tampons in yogurt a safe way to treat yeast infections? Mostly, this question is popular amongst ladies who like to a) save money and b) keep things natural down there. (Monistat is not only expensive, but it’s also full of chemicals that will be–excuse my French–all up in your vagina for a long time.) More »

Study Says You Should Cut These 5 ‘Bad’ Foods Now

Study Says You Should Cut These 5 'Bad' Foods Now

The takeaways from Harvard’s mega-study on the best and worst foods for weight-loss may not be groundbreaking, but I think that’s kind of the point—the study measured small lifestyle and diet changes (the kind we could all easily make) and the kind of impact these they have in the long-term.

Yes, we all know potato chips aren’t exactly apples. But I am kind of surprised to find out that they’re the food most corresponded with weight gain. Is this because potato chips are independently extra bad for you, or because of the associations between potato chips and a certain kind of diet or lifestyle? We don’t know. But I still might think twice next time I’m about to eat some. More »

Yoplait-Gate: Could This Yogurt Ad Trigger Eating Disorders?

Yoplait-Gate: Could This Yogurt Ad Trigger Eating Disorders?

There’s a lot of advertising out there that walks a fine line between providing “aspirational” messages for women and completely crushing our self-esteem: That’s not news to anyone who’s watched television, driven down a street with billboards, or cracked open a magazine (or even just caught a glimpse at its covers) in recent years. But according to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), Yoplait crossed the line with an ad that suggests women could lose weight by trading dessert for their low-fat yogurts, which they say could act as a trigger for women with eating disorders. More »