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Health Today: What’s Your Nutritional Style?

Health Today: What's Your Nutritional Style?

You know your personal style, but what about your nutritional style? -Well + Good NYC

Yoga-inspired costumes that are perfect for Halloween -Alignyo

An app that claims to be able to decant your wine using only sound waves -Eater

30 domestic violence stats that remind us that it’s an epidemic -HuffPo Women

This light fall salad is so good, you’ll crave it for every meal -Fit Sugar

8 etiquette reminders for when you’re dining out with friends -Divine Caroline

If you’re an insomniac, here’s why earplugs may be your best bet -The Frisky

40 delicious things you didn’t know you could make in a microwave -Greatist

Kim Kardashian‘s 10 most scandalous fall looks -The Stir

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Health Today: Drinking Soda Ages You As Much As Smoking

Health Today: Drinking Soda Ages You As Much As Smoking

Drinking soda ages you AS MUCH AS SMOKING. -The Stir

Not flexible? Don’t worry – here are 10 perfect yoga moves for you. -Greatist

If your body is in need of a detox, you HAVE to look at theese cookbooks!  -Alignyo

Ben & Jerry is under pressure to make vegan ice cream. Yay or nay? -Eater

It’s really scary what percentage of young women are stalked online. -HuffPo Women

Not sure what to do with all that leftover pumpkin? Well, you could… -Fit Sugar

Sick of ponytails? Good! Try the waterfall braid instead! -Divine Caroline

Guys and girls can interact now on the Lulu App! -The Frisky

You need to get your hands on these no-slip headphones for running. -Well + Good NYC

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Health Today: Amazing Soup Recipes That Require NO Cooking

Health Today: Amazing Soup Recipes That Require NO Cooking

Check out these amazing soup recipes that require absolutely no cooking. -Greatist

If your man exhibits one of these signs, then he’s emotionally unavailable. -The Stir

Juicing isn’t just for the summer. Check out these great fall juice recipes. -Alignyo

Which actor used to sling pizza at Little Caesars? -Eater

Awww… Here are the 25 stages of female friendship. -HuffPo Women

TREAT. YO. SELF. (The healthy way, of course!) -Fit Sugar

Whoa! Scientists can see what you’re dreaming about? -Divine Caroline

These breakthroughs will change your interaction with the opposite sex. -The Frisky

Sneakers that you can wear with dresses? Yes please! -Well + Good NYC

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Health Today:These Yoga Pants Protect Your Knees

Health Today:These Yoga Pants Protect Your Knees

These yoga pants can help protect your knees -Alignyo

The “vaportini” is the newest, scariest thing in alcohol consumption -Eater

Here’s why it’s harder than ever not to obsess over your appearance -HuffPo Women

What nutritionists say you need in your pantry if you’re trying to get in shape -Fit Sugar

This easy sugar scrub recipe will give you softer lips in no time -Divine Caroline

3 strategies to consider if you’re using Tinder -The Frisky

Break out the slow cooker for these delicious recipes -The Stir

The pros and cons of every single sleeping position -Greatist

Now you can work out and play video games at the same time -Well + Good NYC

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Anonymous Mom: I’m Happily Married With Kids, But I’d Get An Abortion If I Got Pregnant

Anonymous Mom: Iâm Happily Married With Kids, But Iâd Get An Abortion If I Got Pregnant

When you picture the type of woman who chooses abortion, it’s unlikely that my face comes to mind. I’m in my thirties. I’m happily married. I have an advanced degree. I believe in the existence of a higher power. I have two beautiful, healthy children. My life is perfect, which is why I wouldn’t hesitate to have an abortion if I became pregnant. More »

Health News: Should You Be Eating Crickets? Maybe…

Health News: Should You Be Eating Crickets? Maybe...

Should you be eating crickets? Maybe… -Well + Good NYC

Here are 6 imaginary boyfriends you need! -The Frisky

This woman confused jail for a bar, no really… -Eater 

Eucalyptus oil is the answer to your fall and winter woes. -Alignyo

Afraid of wrinkles? Read what this breast cancer survivor has to say. -HuffPo Women

Here’s how to resist those awful sugar cravings. -FitSugar

Need a boost of energy now? Check out these helpful tips!  -Greatist

Here are 10 ways you are working out unknowingly. (YES) -The Stir

Eat your way to healthier skin and hair with these foods. -Divine Caroline

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The Key To Productivity At Work Is Aromatherapy

The Key To Productivity At Work Is Aromatherapy

The key to productivity at work is aromatherapy? -Well + Good NYC

Chris North calls Carrie Bradshaw a “whore” and everyone’s mad -The Frisky

The police are utilizing Yelp to find crime suspects? -Eater 

7 clean eating cookbooks for fall -Alignyo

31 important life lessons from romance novels -HuffPo Women

Arm definition. No equipment required. -FitSugar

9 people who will cheat on you -YourTango

Edible plants that you can grow indoors -Greatist

Women keep “back-up husbands” in case of marriage failure -The Stir

The top dating sites for millennials -Divine Caroline

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Wine Fraud Is Destroying The Wine Business

Wine Fraud Is Destroying The Wine Business

Wine fraud is destroying the wine business -Eater 

Why you should start incorporating pumpkin seeds in your diet -Alignyo

This comic artist captures how feminism benefits everyone -HuffPo Women

How to become a marathon runner -FitSugar

How to wear the same dress to work everyday -YourTango

Fruit salad with lemon lavendar syrup -Greatist

How to turn your home into a zen paradise -Well + Good NYC

This owner’s golden retrievers kept her alive after a fall -The Frisky

The most stressful age for women -The Stir

6 tips for yoga newbies -Divine Caroline

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Healthy Teas You Need To Try ASAP

Healthy Teas You Need To Try ASAP

You need to try these healthy teas right now -Alignyo

Apparently, Burger King is stealing advertising ideas from Billy Eichner -Eater 

10 ways to feel less like a grown-up -HuffPo Women

You only need 5 minutes for this intense fat-blasting bodyweight workout -FitSugar

Delicious Halloween treats for adults, because tricks are for kids -YourTango

Your body language might be sending the wrong message -Greatist

Can fast food be seasonal? -Well + Good NYC

Joanna Coles reminds the world that women can be smart AND sexy -The Frisky

Reese Witherspoon offers a frank explanation for her 2013 arrest -The Stir

Tailoring tips and tricks you need to know -Divine Caroline

The most basic guide to affirmations you’ll ever need -Intent Blog

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