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Jimmy Fallon Discusses Juice Cleanses

Jimmy Fallon Discusses Juice Cleanses

Jimmy Fallon‘s thoughts on juice cleanses -Eater

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Follow Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Philosophy

Follow Jennifer Aniston‘s yoga philosophy -Alignyo

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What women really think about sex -HuffPost Women

10 reasons to change your mind about kale -Fit Sugar

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Happy National Relaxation Day!

Happy National Relaxation Day!

How to celebrate National Relaxation Day -Well + Good NYC

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on why he’s a feminist -HuffPost Women

How Jennifer Lawrence stays strong, beautiful, and balanced -Fit Sugar

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How to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

How to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly

How to get happy (almost) instantly -Fit Sugar

5 foods that are harming your skin -YourTango

6 beach workouts you can do on your towel -The Stir

11 homemade chip recipes that go beyond potatoes -The Frisky

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The perfect kettlebell swing: explained -Greatist

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Bon Appétit Reveals Nominees for America’s Best New Restaurant

Bon Appétit Reveals Nominees for America's Best New Restaurant

Bon Appétit reveals nominees for America’s Best New Restaurant 2014 -Eater

Channel Ellie Goulding with this perfect breakfast smoothie -Fit Sugar

Why giving him the silent treatment does more harm than good -YourTango

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Josh Hutcherson Creates New Campaign For At-Risk LGBT Youth, Deserves A Standing O

Josh Hutcherson Creates New Campaign For At-Risk LGBT Youth, Deserves A Standing O

Josh Hutcherson is closely involved an organization called Straight But Not Narrow, which ‘trains young adults on how to be allies of their LGBTQ peers’. Even though he personally identifies as heterosexual, Josh has made it a priority to demonstrate his commitment to minimize bullying and creating an environment less likely to put LGBTQ young people at-risk for dangerous behaviors. More »

Zosia Mamet On Her Eating Disorder and Recovery

Zosia Mamet On Her Eating Disorder and Recovery

Girls‘ Zosia Mamet on her eating disorder and recovery -HuffPost Women

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