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McDonald’s Wants To Trademark ‘McBrunch’

McDonald's Wants To Trademark 'McBrunch'

McDonald’s wants to trademark the term ‘McBrunch’ -Eater

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9 calorie-torching kettle bell exercises -Fit Sugar

How to choose your first yoga studio, instructor, and class -Greatist

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#WhyIStayed Hashtag Reveals Why Domestic Violence Survivors Stay

#WhyIStayed Hashtag Reveals Why Domestic Violence Survivors Stay

#WhyIStayed reveals why domestic violence survivors can’t ‘just leave’ -HuffPo Women

Affordable yoga clothes for the fall -Alignyo

A sneak peak at the Portlandia cookbook -Eater

Walk, run, and burn belly fat with this great workout -Fit Sugar

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Smoothie Bowls Are The New Health Food Craze You’ll Love

Smoothie Bowls Are The New Health Food Craze You'll Love

Introducing the newest health food craze: smoothie bowls -Your Tango

3 styles of yoga to try this fall -Alignyo

The grocery store is the new hot restaurant -Eater

24 healthy and tasty ways to tailgate -Fit Sugar

Colleges embrace ‘Only Yes Means Yes’ campaign -HuffPo Women

14 stylish Ikea hacks -Divine Caroline

How to flirt without feeling like a predator -The Frisky

Beyonce does gymnastics better than anybody else, ever -The Stir

The go-to 10-minute recipes of busy, healthy women -Well + Good NYC 

How to fit a killer cardio workout into 15 minutes -Greatist

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Jon Stewart Takes Down Catcalling On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Takes Down Catcalling On The Daily Show

Watch Jon Stewart take down catcalling on The Daily Show -The Frisky

Joan Rivers destroyed the single woman stereotype in 1967 -HuffPo Women

Green smoothies 101 -Alignyo

The new nonprofit that thinks restaurants can help save the planet -Eater

Diet soda is even worse for you than we thought -Fit Sugar

This recipe for post-sex detox water is life-changing -Your Tango

High school principal cancels Homecoming due to ‘twerking fears’ -The Stir

Quick fixes for thick and sticky nail polish -Divine Caroline

These 8 healthy breakfast puddings will make you love mornings -Well + Good NYC

This full-body warm-up will get your heart pumping -Greatist

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Beyoncé’s Secret To Staying Fit And Fierce

Beyoncé's Secret To Staying Fit And Fierce

In honor of her birthday, Beyoncé‘s secrets to staying fit and fierce -Fit Sugar

Here are some healthier pre-packaged foods for everyone to enjoy- Alignyo

27 food and drink events for you to look forward to -Eater

6 old-school myths about women and sex, busted -HuffPo Women

Why talking too much about your relationship hurts more than it helps -Your Tango

How to pronounce the most baffling beauty brands -Divine Caroline

The first thing you should drink in the morning, according to 19 health experts -Greatist

5 not-so-typical signs it might be time for a detox -Well + Good NYC

Men need to stop complaining about women who ‘wear too much makeup’ -The Stir

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What Your ‘Dating Speed’ Says About You

What Your 'Dating Speed' Says About You

What your ‘dating speed’ says about you -Your Tango

Columbia student carrying her mattress until her rapist is expelled -HuffPo Women

Summer meets Fall with this delicious salad recipe -Alignyo

Forget emojis, you can now text tacos -Eater

The video workouts you need to sculpt your arms -Fit Sugar

10 tips for getting organized -Divine Caroline

The easy and amazing pumpkin poke cake recipe that will blow your mind -The Stir

40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less -Greatist

Where you can find #FitnessFashionFood during NYFW -Well + Good NYC

Stay positive when the going gets tough -Intent Blog

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French Schools Teach Kids How To Eat Instead Of Blaming Moms For Making Them Fat

French Schools Teach Kids How To Eat Instead Of Blaming Moms For Making Them Fat

In France, a school day means that children will be sitting down to a healthy, three-course hot lunch. Schoolkids as young as three are expected to eat the same meals as adults, and lunch is treated like an important social occasion, too, not just a source of calories. Meanwhile, in hundreds of school districts across the United States that are dropping the federal school lunch program, students are going to be eating curly fries with a side of waffle fries. More »

The Key To Happiness Is Trying Things You Don’t Like

The Key To Happiness Is Trying Things You Don't Like

Why the key to happiness may be trying things you don’t like -Greatist

8 skin care ingredients you should be looking for -Divine Caroline

3 ways to get ready for fall yoga -Alignyo

Disney World is opening a Starbucks ‘Trolley Car Cafe’ -Eater

‘Badass British Lady Detectives’ is your new favorite Netflix category -HuffPo Women

14 perfect single-serve dinner recipes -Fit Sugar

This beauty secret will completely change your routine -Your Tango

Healthy breakfast ideas for the new school year -The Stir

New York’s smoothie-inspired facial bar -Well + Good NYC

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