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Anonymous Mom: I’m Happily Married With Kids, But I’d Get An Abortion If I Got Pregnant

Anonymous Mom: Iâm Happily Married With Kids, But Iâd Get An Abortion If I Got Pregnant

When you picture the type of woman who chooses abortion, it’s unlikely that my face comes to mind. I’m in my thirties. I’m happily married. I have an advanced degree. I believe in the existence of a higher power. I have two beautiful, healthy children. My life is perfect, which is why I wouldn’t hesitate to have an abortion if I became pregnant. More »

Health News: Should You Be Eating Crickets? Maybe…

Health News: Should You Be Eating Crickets? Maybe...

Should you be eating crickets? Maybe… -Well + Good NYC

Here are 6 imaginary boyfriends you need! -The Frisky

This woman confused jail for a bar, no really… -Eater 

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The Key To Productivity At Work Is Aromatherapy

The Key To Productivity At Work Is Aromatherapy

The key to productivity at work is aromatherapy? -Well + Good NYC

Chris North calls Carrie Bradshaw a “whore” and everyone’s mad -The Frisky

The police are utilizing Yelp to find crime suspects? -Eater 

7 clean eating cookbooks for fall -Alignyo

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The top dating sites for millennials -Divine Caroline

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Wine Fraud Is Destroying The Wine Business

Wine Fraud Is Destroying The Wine Business

Wine fraud is destroying the wine business -Eater 

Why you should start incorporating pumpkin seeds in your diet -Alignyo

This comic artist captures how feminism benefits everyone -HuffPo Women

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Healthy Teas You Need To Try ASAP

Healthy Teas You Need To Try ASAP

You need to try these healthy teas right now -Alignyo

Apparently, Burger King is stealing advertising ideas from Billy Eichner -Eater 

10 ways to feel less like a grown-up -HuffPo Women

You only need 5 minutes for this intense fat-blasting bodyweight workout -FitSugar

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The most basic guide to affirmations you’ll ever need -Intent Blog

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Not-So-Typical Signs That You Need A Detox

Not-So-Typical Signs That You Need A Detox

Not-so-typical signs that your body might need a detox -Well + Good NYC

10 things you should throw out from your pantry -The Stir

The Gordon Ramsay Foundation is up and running -Eater

Yoga pants that protect your knees -Alignyo

Yum, yum! Healthy pumpkin cheesecake bars -FitSugar

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The 50 Best Bars In The World

The 50 Best Bars In The World

The 50 best bars in the world -Eater

4 ways ayurveda can boost your creativity this season -Alignyo

Even one trip to the tanning bed isn’t worth the health risk -FitSugar

Here’s how to improve your self esteem -YourTango

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This is the only protein powder that’s actually worth buying -Greatist

WellPath wants to help you customize your vitamin regimen -Well + Good NYC

7 things you didn’t know about the female orgasm -The Stir

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Sugar-Free Halloween Treats For Kids

Sugar-Free Halloween Treats For Kids

11 Sugar-Free Halloween treats (We’re talking ninja turtle apples and more) -The Stir

Don’t use weights; use a pumpkin instead for your workout! -Fit Sugar

The Beginner’s Guide to Bicycling in NYC -Well + Good NYC

Awaken your spirit with Kundalini -Alignyo

Fancy tacos and cupcakes at Columbus Circle’s subway station? YES. -Eater

HuffPo asks men if they’d date women over the age of 30 -HuffPo Women

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