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It’s My Menopause And I’ve Earned It: Why I Don’t Believe Women Should ‘Evolve’ Out Of Menopause

Itâs My Menopause And Iâve Earned It: Why I Donât Believe Women Should âEvolveâ Out Of Menopause

I’m going to be entering menopause soon. I don’t feel melancholy about this. I’m actually excited about aging, and yes, I realize that this goes against every societal norm that is shoved down our throats at any given moment, that women who are older should be lamenting the passing of their youth and that I should be spending my days gazing into hand mirrors and wiping away tears that fall from my crow’s foot embellished eyes. We are supposed to fear getting older and menopause. Screw that. More »

Man Faces Murder Charges For Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill

Man Faces Murder Charges For Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill

When 26-year-old Ramee Lee became pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, John Andrew Welden, she chose to go through with the pregnancy. Welden, the son of a fertility doctor, did not want her to have the child, so he gave her a bottle of prescription medicine and told her it was just full of antibiotics that his father recommended she take. As it would turn out, Welden had actually relabeled the bottle, which was filled with abortion pills. More »

I Breastfed My Friend’s Baby And Loved It

I Breastfed My Friendâs Baby And Loved It

My 5-year-old is finally weaned. Think that’s shocking? It’s good you didn’t know me when she was a baby. Because the length of time her breastfeeding continued is nothing compared to the frequency of her breastfeeding as a newborn. Most babies eat every three hours or so, but she was more likely to unlatch after three hours — for about three minutes — and then latch on again. I was lucky enough to have ample supply and the desire and ability to quit working, but breastfeeding her was still time-consuming, draining and utterly exhausting. More »